‘Match Made In Heaven’: Fans Wish Whitney Houston and ‘Bodyguard’ Co-Star Kevin Costner Had ‘Ended Up Together’ After He Called Her His ‘One True Love’

Social media users are almost certain that Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner are soulmates in another life after the “Yellowstone” actor’s statement about Houston following her passing resurfaced online. 

 On Monday, Sept. 25, an X account holder uploaded Costner’s 11-year-old statement in which he blamed himself for letting his “Bodyguard” love interest “down” by not being there to save her

Fans say Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston 'should've been together' after resurfaced statment showed him calling her his 'one true love.'
Fans say Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston ‘should’ve been together’ after a resurfaced statement showed him calling her his ‘one true love.’ (L) Kevon Costner (Pictured: @kevincostnermodernwest/Instagram) (R) Whitney Houseton at the BET Awards (Pictured: By Michael Caulfield/WireImage for BET Network)

“And now for the rest of my life I will have to live with that pain. I saved her then, I should have saved her now,” the quote read. Per the statement, Costner also described Houston as his “one true love,” and stated that he had “I Will Always Love You” by the singer as his ringtone. 

“Shocked and awed,” the X user wrote. Media site The Mirror was one of the first outlets to obtain his statement in 2012.

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It appeared as if that account holder wasn’t the only one speechless after reading the information, as many other X users voiced their surprise underneath the tweet. 

While many of the replies involved gifs of Houston and Costner’s characters in the 1992 romance and drama film, many commenters voiced their disappointed opinions over what could have been.

“Nah they should’ve ended up together.”

“I feel like they woulda been a match made in heaven.” 

Maybe if Kevin was in Whitney Houston’s life, she would still be alive today. They both had insane chemistry in the movie ‘the bodyguard’ , and they both unfortunately never had true love with the different people they married.” 

One account even reminded its followers of Costner’s former partner, writing, “Mind you he was married as the F–K at the time he released this statement. 

During filming, Costner was married to his now ex-wife, Cindy Costner, and Houston was married to the R&B crooner and New Edition boy band member Bobby Brown.

Nevertheless, “The Bodyguard” viewers couldn’t ignore the fictional lovebirds’ on-screen chemistry. Sources told RadarOnline, “The chemistry between them was immediate and powerful.” 

Since Houston’s passing in 2012, the 68-year-old has gushed over Houston numerous times in different interviews. During his 2018 “Good Morning America” interview, Costner raved over the “Waiting to Exhale” star’s effortless beauty and incredible voice. 

“She was so beautiful and I thought, ‘Well, this is the girl for me,’’ ’ he admitted. “And when we were done it was uhh, it was a really important moment in her life and her career and we’ll always be locked together that way.” 

Costner’s admiration for Houston is also shown through his Instagram. He frequently posts throwback photos of himself and the late pop star whenever the anniversary of their hit movie approaches.

On Nov. 12, “The Bodyguard” will turn 31 and it’s almost certain that Costner will share a sweet tribute on his page.

The Academy Award-winning actor also previously has expressed his love for Houston during his 17-minute speech at her funeral in New Jersey.

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