‘People be Putting All Kinds of Rumors Out’: Rihanna and A$AP Rocky Spotted with Son RZA Amid Speculation of a Third Pregnancy and Rumors of Relationship Strife

After shocking fans with back-to-back pregnancies, Rihanna and A$AP Rocky are now the subjects of speculations over their expecting a third child. Following months of whispers, the artists shocked many when they revealed their first pregnancy in January 2022. Five months later their son, RZA, was born.

However, to almost everyone’s surprise, Rihanna revealed that she was again pregnant with child when she performed at the Super Bowl halftime show in February 2023. The singer and A$AP gave birth to a second son, Riot Rose, in August.

Rihanna and A$AP Rocky spotted with son RZA amid speculation of a third pregnancy and rumors of relationship strife Photos: Mrsawge11/Twitter

Over Veterans Day weekend, rumors that the couple was expecting another addition to their family began to circulate on social media. A photo of Rihanna with a prominent growing belly on display in a midriff-baring skirt and long-sleeved top sent some users into a frenzy.

One person commented, “Asap Rocky took it personal when he landed on that bible verse instructing him to be fruitful, he is having sleepless nights.”

Another person declared, “Rihanna confirmed that she & Asap Rocky are expecting their 3rd Baby.”

The misleading post was later amended with a community note that explained the photo was from May 2023, when Rihanna was still pregnant with Riot. “Rihanna is not pregnant. That old a– picture, lol,” read a tweet in her defense.

While some individuals were naively on baby watch, speculation that the beloved couple was on the outs after almost four years was fueled by various outings where each appeared without their partner. Last week, on Nov. 9, she was spotted with friends at the members-only club at San Vicente Bungalows.

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On Sunday, Nov. 12, Riri had a dinner outing in Santa Monica, while A$AP was at a studio session in West Hollywood.

Though not widely reported, the “D.M.B.” rapper and beauty mogul were also spotted in Beverly Hills earlier in the day with RZA at a playground.

The new parents were observed trailing behind the toddler as he explored his surroundings at the park. Rihanna was dressed in wide-leg denim with a red and white top that showed off her slim waist, dispelling pregnancy rumors.

“I am happy to see them together because people be putting all kinds of rumors out about them smh,” wrote a fan. A$AP is currently in the midst of a criminal trial after being charged with assault with a deadly weapon. He is accused of pointing a gun at fellow rapper A$AP Reli during a 2021 dispute in Hollywood.

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