Black & Streaming: From ‘Faithful’ to ‘Rap Sh!t,’ Here Are 12 Films and TV Series to Watch This Weekend on Destah, MAX, and More Streaming Apps

It’s Friday, y’all! As per usual, ABS has come out with our weekly What to Watch List.

This week the holiday season is in full gear, and the streaming sites are ready to get everybody in the festive mood.

Download Destah to watch Flex Alexander in “Lawd Have Mercy,” as he takes viewers on a comedic journey through different religious celebrations via sketch comedy and internet clips. BET+ is also ready for the holidays, as they have the romantic comedy “Christmas Angel,” which is also singer DaniLeigh’s film debut.

The music doesn’t stop there, as MAX has dropped the second season of Issa Rae’s “Rap Sh!t.” Aida Osman and KaMillio are back in their titular roles as they try to break through the Miami rap scene. For a more down-to-earth portrayal of music, there is also the documentary “Stand Up and Shout: Songs from a Philly High School.”

Watch a real-life version of the 2003 film “School of Rock” as a group of inner-city kids come together with the help of their music teachers to make something special.

Jamal Woolard in "Narc" and KaMillion in "Rap Sh!t."
Jamal Woolard in “Narc” and KaMillion in “Rap Sh!t.” (Photos: “Narc”/Destah, @itskamillion/Instagram)

There is also hard-hitting drama, as you can follow one woman’s mission against Colorado’s policing institution in the new movie “How We Get Free.” Watch as Elisabeth Epps tries to change criminal justice from outside the system. If you want to see someone making a change inside the system, watch 2021’s “Narc.” Follow an investigator infiltrating Detroit’s narcotics unit as he also battles with inner turmoil.

Here’s a list of all the series and films to watch on Destah and other streaming platforms this weekend.


  • Faithful (2022) When love and lust clash, bad things happen. One man finds that out after he suspects his wife isn’t being faithful. He loves his wife and their family more than anything, and a homewrecker is threatening his happiness. How far will he go to keep his family unit intact, and who will he have to hurt to do so?
  • Dark Tresor (2020) This sensual crime-horror mash-up follows a young female detective, Jasmine Meadows, as she finds out about the vampiric underworld in Houston. Detective Meadows tries to save as many people as she can before they are turned into blood-sucking ghouls who will attack, devour, and kill anyone who crosses their path.
  • Narc (2021) Haunted by memories of his parents’ brutal murder, Officer Tracy Smith has to keep his mind focused as he investigates Detroit’s Special Narcotics Unit. Smith has to juggle trauma and family in this gripping crime drama, as he finds the police unit is not so different from the crime underworld. The film features Antoine Jackson in the starring role, as well as “Notorious’”(2009) Jamal Woolard.
  • Sister’s Keeper (2019-) After they lost their mother to a hard battle with cancer, Tiffany and Jay’s brother-sister bond is tested. As Jay has to fight his own personal battles, Tiffany wants to follow her dreams. Family drama ensues as the adults try to find their own path while not straying too far from each other.
  • Lawd Have Mercy (2017) In this mix between “America’s Funniest Home Videos” and sketch comedy, Flex Alexander and Buddy Lewis host the holiday show. The two entertainers take viewers through a journey of some of the funniest holiday clips from the internet, as well as showcasing musical guests, all while putting on comedic segments of their own.


  • Loki (Season 2 Finale) The season finale of Marvel’s flagship show is upon us, and it is set to be a big one. After Loki discovers how to control an unwanted power, he is set on using it to right the wrongs done by Johnathan Major’s “He Who Remains/Kang the Conqueror.” With the help of his friends, and maybe even Victor Timely, Loki is on track to either save the TVA or see it destroyed again.


  • Christmas Angel (2023) Music superstar Angel St. James’ life may seem perfect, as she is set to get married to a famous producer, but the young singer is unraveling. A blessing in disguise happens as she gets help from a man after her car breaks down on the side of the road. With the help of the good Samaritan and his daughter, St. James gets a taste of the simple life. The singer will have to choose between her mundane success or newfound happiness. The film stars DaniLeigh, Tamar Braxton, Elise Neal, and Romeo Miller.


  • Rap Sh!t (Season 2) Issa Rae’s HBO follow-up to her hit show “Insecure” is back for its second season. After gaining some online traction in the first season, old high school friends Shawna and Mia find out everything that glitters isn’t gold. While on their first tour as the opening acts to Reina Reign, the friends have to contend with personal problems as well as misogyny, colorism, and money issues. Rae strips back the fun-loving, social media-focused first season, to have a more character-driven story about what the road to fame really looks like.
  • Stand Up and Shout: Songs from a Philly High School (2023) Executive producer John Legend showcases the story of a school in Philadelphia as the kids come together to create a collaborative album. The uplifting soulful documentary follows the teens as they use their different skills and voices to join together and make music.
  • Buying Back the Block (2023) Comedian Mike Epps, and his wife, TV producer Kyra Epps, start a new journey as they try to reinvigorate Epps’ hometown in Indianapolis. The Eppses have bought the entire block where the comedian’s childhood home is, and during the two-episode event, they will remodel the homes to revitalize the community.
  • How We Get Free (2023) This documentary short follows activist Elisabeth Epps as she shows “the real cost of cash bail.” The two-year journey shows Epps as she goes from trying to abolish cash bail in Colorado to fighting against law enforcement and, finally, facing the call to become a state representative.


  • Central Intelligence (2016) The movie that started the Kevin HartDwayne Johnson bromance. Hart plays a mild-mannered accountant, Calvin Joyner. Joyner peaked in high school, but his life gets turned upside down once one of his former classmates, Dwayne Johnson’s Bob Stone, reinters his life. Comedy hi jinks and action set pieces follow as the pair are put in the middle of an international spy mystery.
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