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DaniLeigh Confirms She is ‘Not Friends’ with B.Simone, Didn’t Want to Tape ‘Wild ‘N Out’ Episode with Her After Diss Song and Seeing Text Messages Between the Influencer and Dababy

DaniLeigh is firing back at comedian B. Simone after she spoke on reports that she was asked not to film Wild ‘N Out episode where the singer was a guest star due to both of their relationships with DaBaby.

In a recent interview with “The Tamron Hall Show,” Simone confirmed the rumor that she had to sit out the episode. “It is true, but we’re going to have grace for that situation. I don’t agree with it but I understand it, especially; you know she’s [DaniLeigh] not that mature so we’re just gonna have grace for her and move forward.”

Simone has been a recurring cast member on the comedy sketch show since its ninth season. While she has left and returned some seasons, Simone is a prominent member who typically brings laughter out from audience members.

DaniLeigh decided to break her silence following Simone’s statement, defended her actions in requesting Simone’s absence, and expressed that it was protection of her peace.

The singer said in an Instagram live, “Me and B. Simone are not cool so I just, my team asked if it’s cool she doesn’t do the episode that I do. Respectfully, it was never anything to be like ‘I’m a diva I don’t want’ I thought it would be more mature to have us not sitting next to each other on a show making it mad awkward and uncomfortable.”

She continued, “I’m protecting my peace. I’m protecting my heart on a situation. It wasn’t petty.”

DaniLeigh shares a child with DaBaby and there had been rumors that B.Simone was also involved with the rapper.

When rumors first surfaced that the comedian was left out of the episode, she supported the “Baby on Baby” rapper’s new song, “Boogeyman” which insinuates that he had been intimate with Grammy award-winner Megan Thee Stallion by sharing a clip of his video on her Instagram story. 

She also captioned the clip with a goat emoji relating the 30-year-old rapper to being one of the, “greatest of all time.” 

A source told Hollywood Unlocked, “Leigh strongly felt like something was going on between them and briefly expressed those feelings to executive producers, who made the big decision.”

However, behind-the-scenes drama quickly formed and it was reported that DaniLeigh “demanded producers to pull B. Simone for her episode all because she [allegedly] assumed the comedian slept with her baby daddy, DaBaby.”

The “Baby Girl: Manifest The Life You Want” author has been vocal about her crush on DaBaby in the past. When the show hit its 15th season mark, the cast welcomed DaBaby as a guest star and Simone’s fangirl dreams came to life. Simone constantly referred to DaBaby in most of her jokes during the episode and was even featured as a love interest in his song “Find My Way Back” a few months later. 

While Simone and DaBaby never had anything going on publicly, Leigh revealed to fans during her live viewing text messages between the two.

“Recently, she just did a whole diss song about me. I didn’t say nothing about it, I seen text messages between him [DaBaby] and her I said nothing about it and that’s it.”

Leigh and DaBaby have had a very tumultuous relationship. Things went left in 2021 after the “Bop” rapper called the police on his child’s mother and kicked her out of his house. 

Since their very public split, DaniLeigh has opened up about her relationship with him. “It was toxic” she told Angie Martinez in her “No Filter” interview.

“He has his little mess-ups and stuff, so we’d break up for a month and then get back together..”

The singer also added that he has yet to apologize to her for all the pain and hurt he’s caused. 

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