‘That Nose Definitely Been Reworked’: SZA Hits Back at Critics Accusing Her of Having Face Surgery After Recently Revealing She Had a BBL 

Over the years, SZA fans have seen the singer undergo a plethora of alterations to her looks, her physical features and her physique. Though the R&B singer has only recently admitted to undergoing BBL surgery, which stands for Brazilian Butt Lift, many believe she did some retouching in the facial department.

Rumors over SZA having facial surgery have made for constant conversation, but it seems the “Kill Bill” songstress never found it necessary to refute the claims until now. 

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A look at SZA's facial features over the years
(L to R) SZA as a child, SZA in 2015 and SZA in 2023 (Photos: @sza/Instagram)

In a recent interview with The Wall Street Journal, the Grammy Award winner was asked about fans’ theories that suggest she looks noticeably different compared to when she debuted in 2014. “You would rather believe the TikTok thread. You would rather believe any Twitter thread; you could just google yourself and figure out,” SZA said. 

She continued, “There’s clear instances when I talk about my freckles… I hear crazy s–t about myself. I heard I had a facelift, I heard I had a nose job, I heard my teeth were fake. Now do I need to go out and get a nose job because you all made me feel like I need one?” 

Her conversation was shared on The Neighborhood Talk’s Instagram page, where many commenters pinpointed how drastically different SZA’s facial features look to them. One person wrote, “Now Sza… that nose definitely been reworked.”

A second individual wrote, “Now SZA! You know a chin doesn’t grow 3 inches! You have had SO much work done it’s ridiculous.”

A few SZA fans credited her ability to perfectly contour and blend her makeup as the reason why she doesn’t look the same. A few of those comments included, “Teeth looks the same to me. But weight loss and makeup can do wonders. Speaking from experience,” and “She just got good makeup.” 

It can be inferred that the reason why fans are finding it so hard to believe that SZA didn’t nip or tuck her face is because of the long-running claims that describe her as a pathological liar. The “Snooze” artist also decided to address that reputation in her interview.  

The fanmade theory suggesting that the “Open Arms” songstress lies for fun began sparking after internet investigators found contradictions in various statements of SZA’s, such as she’s never had a birthday cake before. 

While the popular fan thesis was initially created for laughs, the 33-year-old revealed that she doesn’t find the accusations amusing but rather the opposite. “That s–t is lowkey offensive,” SZA shared. 

“Not low-key, it’s high-key offensive. But what am I supposed to do? Post a dubinking thread? That’s crazy,” she added. 

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SZA’s name was previously in the media after critics deemed her as “insecure” for going under the knife. Though speculations about her receiving plastic surgery have been in the air for years, she never confirmed getting her “body done” until the release of her 2022 sophomore album “SOS.”

Several songs on the album, such as the self-titled track and the song title “Conceited” feature her admitting that her curvaceous figure was sculpted by the hands of a surgeon.

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