‘You Knew Who … I Was Before You Met Me’: Former NBA Player Joe Smith Goes Off After Learning His Wife Returned Back to Her Former Work In the Adult Entertainment Industry

Former NBA No. 1 draft pick Joe Smith is the talk of social media after his wife shared a video about an intimate conversation the two had.

Smith was the first-round pick back in 1995 coming out of the University of Maryland. He was drafted before future star players Damon Stoudamire, Jerry Stackhouse, Rasheed Wallace, and Kevin Garnett. While Smith had solid production, he never lived up to the height of being the first pick in the draft.

He bounced around to twelve teams in his 16-year career before calling it quits in 2011. At the same time as his retirement, Smith was getting a divorce from his first wife, Yolanda Smith, after he was caught cheating on her.

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Joe Smith argues with his wife on social media over her being on Onlyfans.
Joe Smith argues with his wife on social media over her being on Onlyfans. (Photo: @joesmithbasketball/Instagram)

Sometime after his divorce, he met Kisha Chavis, and the two dated for years before tying the knot in 2018. Like Smith, Chavis also is well accomplished, albeit as a reality TV personality, with appearances on “Say Yes to the Dress” and “Basketball Wives,” as well as being a music artist. She also worked in the adult entertainment industry before settling down with Smith.

This may be a sore spot for the married couple as a video shows the two arguing over the topic of adult entertainment on social media. Chavis filmed Smith as the former professional athlete said that he just found out that she decided to create an OnlyFans account.

Smith was upset that his wife did not speak with him before making the account. Chavis nonchalantly drank a bottle of coconut water as her husband voiced his frustration. She then said that he was just mad that she didn’t tell him first, and Smith said, “Of course.”

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Chavis justified her decision by saying that she’s a solo act in her content. Smith said it didn’t matter, but Chavis replied, “My body, my f—king choice!” He stressed that they were partners and were supposed to communicate with each other as husband and wife.

Chavis shot back saying, “Joe, I’ve been talking to you about mad things. I’ve been asking for solutions for s—t, and you not giving me none, so I created one.” She then told the former NBA player, “You knew who the f—k I was before you met me.” The pair continued to argue, and viewers of the disagreement chose sides.

Some viewers believed that Smith had no right to be angry at Chavis for trying to earn money for their household. One comment said, “She got mad jobs with an s and needed an only fans. His anger matters how where? Didn’t hear him say ‘I got us.’”

A few viewers believed that Chavis was in the wrong for filming her husband’s reaction to the news. One person wrote, “Now she needs to sit down somewhere! She seems so nonchalant and is recording his reaction for clout! Smdh.”

Others thought the video was part of a skit, just to earn the pair some social media clout.

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One observer said, “I’m standing on the hill that the Joe Smith video is fake. I can’t go for the theatrics.” A few even joked that they needed the promo due to Smith’s history of financial instability.

Back in 2018, Smith was a part of Alex Rodriguez’s “Back In the Game,” where he told the former MLB player that he went from making $61 million in his career to living “paycheck to paycheck.” At the time, he told Rodriguez that he and Chavis were bringing in “a combined $26,000 a year from various gigs.”

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