‘Offset Really Did Time Inside’: Offset, NLE Choppa and Other Celebs Take Hits as Critics Slam Twitch Streamer Kai Cenat for ‘Degrading’ Seven-Day Prison Livestream 

Twitch streamer Kai Cent has crossed a nerve with social media users who feel his seven-day jail livestream is an insensitive and inappropriate attempt to gain more notoriety.

The 21-year-old has more than 7 million followers on the streaming platform and at least another 9 million on Instagram and YouTube combined, many of whom have been tuned in to his broadcast since it began on Oct. 27.

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Twitch Streamer Kai Cenat is facing backlash for “promoting jail” with seven-day livestream with NLE Choppa and other celebrities. (Photos: @nlechoppamusic/Instagram; Kaicenat/Twitch livestream)

Thus far, celebrities such as Memphis rapper NLE Choppa, comedian Druski, singer Halle Bailey’s boyfriend DDG, and even Zeus reality TV personality Chrisean Rock, to name a few, have all stopped by portraying inmates in the fake correctional facility. Migos group member Offset promised to be in attendance but allegedly “pulled out at the last minute,” according to Cenat.

The viral experiment has had several moments that viewers have deemed comical, from porn star Teanna Trump acting as a questionable guard, to Druski brandishing a smuggled cheeseburger from his pants, and Instagram Live chats with other celebrities like GloRilla.

But by and large, Cenat’s ploy for views has provoked criticisms, calling his mockery of incarceration “degrading,” “barbaric,” and “asinine.” One social media user asked, “why couldn’t they do college promoting jail is crazy to me.”

A second individual wrote, “The fact that there’s actually inmates living this life every day and these people are making jokes out of it……” Another person found the livestream especially offensive and called out Cenat for giving his younger fans a false impression about being locked up.

“This is stupid why put this on the internet for children to see and think it’s the coolest thing to be in jail They are wrong for making this and y’all are wrong for posting it,” wrote the user, who commented on a clip shared on a blog account on Instagram.

After noticing Offset’s absence, which some attributed to Cenat complaining about the rapper’s “Set It Off,” one individual wrote, “Offset also really did time inside. Why come to fake jail. Idc what dude said about the album. I wont participate in any jail activities.”

Offset spent a few months in a Georgia jail in 2015 following his arrest for drugs and gun charges. NLE Choppa faced similar charges after his arrest in 2021, but there is no record of him serving time in prison or jail.

Cenat has previously found himself at the center of controversy for his antics. In August, he caught flak after he promoted a giveaway of gift cards and electronics in New York City’s Union Square.

Thousands of people formed a massive crowd in the streets that quickly grew out of control and led to a riot. Several people were injured and businesses suffered thousands of dollars in property damage.

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The popular streamer, who did not have a permit for the event, was dealt multiple charges, including two counts of inciting a riot and unlawful assembly. He would later condemn those who instigated destruction.

Amid insisting that he never intended for the impromptu giveaway to be a source of chaos, Cenat said he would make the “right calls” to ensure safety for all at future events.

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