‘She Singing It The Way Ray J Sung It at the Verzuz Battle’: Ray J Fan Makes a ‘Mess’ of His Song ‘One Wish’ During IG Live with His Niece Sy’Rai

If Ray J had “One Wish,” it would probably be for people to have the vocal range to sing his hit song.

Fans are still in tears a year after he and his niece Sy’Rai hosted an Instagram Live session for users to showcase their singing talent. The resurfaced clip is filled with laughter, priceless facial expressions, and, well, vocals that didn’t quite hit the mark for Ray J or those watching. But it did make for a memorable moment.

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The comedy ensued immediately after a fan joined the live and said that she was going to sing “One Wish.” Ray J’s shocked facial expression sent Sy’Rai into a fit of laughter that was a struggle to contain once the singing began.

It was evident that the “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” star was rendered speechless by the individual’s lackluster delivery, botched lyrics and mousy voice — as he stared at his phone in a frozen state. Sy’Rai, who inherited vocal greatness from her mother Brandy, attempted to be supportive, at times bobbing her head, smiling and mouthing the song.

Ray J drops the phone after fan sings his song “One Wish” on live with his niece Syrai. Rayj/Instagram; 4everbrandy/Instagram

Ray J, however, remained unmoved — literally. “Did your connection go off?” asked Sy’Rai, assuming that her uncle’s screen had frozen. “Nah, mine ain’t, uh uh…my connection is great. Yeah, my frame didn’t break,” he said before placing the phone down to seemingly shield the fan from seeing his laughter.

On X, where the clip was recently recirculated, users wrote remarks such as “As soon as she started singing, i stopped the video. Knew it was about to be a mess” and ““She singing it the way Ray J sung it at the Versus battle!!”

A third person joked, “Lmao the REAL GAG was his face when she said one wish. It was giving “you sho you wanna do that one and not sum else” That man so tired of that song.”

Another fan’s attempt at the song was a hit and even provoked the crooner to sing along with her.

Ray J had what may be his worst vocal performance as part of the “Verzuz” pre-show for Omarion and Mario’s showdown in June 2022. Ray J was joined on stage in a chaotic battle of hits by Pleasure P, Sammie and Bobby Valentino. But instead of performing with ease, Brandy’s little brother instead did more yelling as his voice grew hoarse.

Brandy called him out in the comments for not drinking the tea she prepared for him and for not following her strict orders to not talk before the event. He since has redeemed himself in recent appearances on stage.

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Despite being nearly two decades old, “One Wish” remains popular among a mixed crowd of supporters. During an August club appearance with Bow Wow and his RSVP band members— Sammie, Valentino, and Pleasure P — the entertainer was put on the spot for an impromptu performance.

Ray J’s vocals seemed to be a near-perfect match to those he recorded years prior, as he and the roaring crowd sang the lyrics word for word.

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