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‘Can U be My Uncle Sir’: Ray J’s Luxury Gift for Brandy’s Daughter Sy’Rai’s 21st Birthday Has Fans Saying Their ‘One Wish’ Is to be Related to the Singer

Ray J may only have two tiny children of his own, but he has more than enough love and money to go around.

The R&B singer recently made his niece’s “One Wish” come true for her birthday, and fans are saying he’s rightfully earned the title of “best” uncle ever.

Sy’Rai Smith, who is the daughter of Ray’s legendary sister Brandy, turned 21 years old on June 16, and her uncle seemingly decided to help her bring in this milestone with a private jet he rented. It’s safe to say that Smith and her friends flew to Las Vegas, Nevada, in true luxury travel style.

Ray J gifts his niece, Sy’Rai Smith, a rented private jet for her birthday. (L) (Pictured: @syraismith/Instagram) (R) (Pictured: @rayj/Instagram)

“It’s my little niece birthday tomorrow, so we making sure she bring her 21st birthday in right,” Ray J said in a video shared on his Instagram Story. 

He continued, “Rai Rai, I love you. Happy 21st, I told you I was gonna get you the PJ. Go to Van Nuys everything is waiting for you, it’s ready.” 

Smith most likely received her gift at Van Nuys Airport in Los Angeles, where she lives.

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“Have fun in Vegas, I’ll meet you there tomorrow I love you,” Ray J said. “You 21, it’s time to take over the game. I love you, I love you, I love you. I’ll see you soon okay? I see you tomorrow.”

The “Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood” star then let out a smile and calmly said, “21,” before his video ended. 

“From UNCLE rayJ and Aunt @princesslove,” he wrote over top of the recording. 

Smith also shared a photo of herself smiling as she stepped onto the luxury aircraft writing, “Starting the 21 weekend right [red heart.]”

She added, “Thank you uncle @rayj and auntie @princesslove.” 

The Shade Room reposted the video on their Instagram account, where fans in the comments not only praised Ray J’s purported gift but also sent in their applications to possibly become his adopted niece and nephew. 

“There needs to be an uncle and aunts day because they’re truly the best bonus parents EVER.” 

“Can u be my uncle sir.”

“He has been by her side since she was in her mommy’s womb. He loves her so much. That uncle love is always extra special.” 

“I mean I’m open to being a niece as well. Trust me i do not mind.” 

One social media user even suggested that it’s in Ray J’s blood to go above and beyond for his niece, being that he does the exact same thing for his sister. 

“The way he love his sister I bet he going all out for his niece! respect,” they wrote. 

Ray J has proven his love and appreciation for his big sister in many ways, one of which involved getting her name and logo permanently inked on his lower arm. One tattoo didn’t seem to be enough, so Ray J permanently added a large portrait of Brandy’s face on his leg.

In an exclusive interview with the “I Wanna Be Down” singer, she admitted to being “shocked” after finding out about his tattoo. 

Brandy shared her desire to one day return the grand gesture and work with her baby brother on a possible project.  

“I’ve been trying to work with Ray for years now. I have the songs, I have the vocals. I’m ready to go whenever he is,” she told us. “It’s all about timing. It’ll all happen when it’s supposed to, but I definitely want to.”

While noting that everything is “all about timing,” the 44-year-old mom of one also revealed her hopes of recording more music with her mini-me. 

“I’m so happy for her and that she’s coming into her own,” Brandy added.

Brandy also shared a sweet shoutout for her only child on Instagram, along with collages of photos of Sy’Rai writing, “Happy 21st Birthday to my angel @syraismith.”

“I’m so thankful to God for you and so blessed that you ARE. I love and adore you soooooo much more than I can ever express,” she continued. “You’ve made me so proud of you and the woman you are becoming. Continue to be a light and the beautiful soul you are born to be. My baby forever no matter how old you get.

Her post concluded with, “Everybody help me wish my favorite girl in the world a happy birthday.

Sy’Rai Smith recently dropped her first single, “On My Own,” from her upcoming debut EP. According to the newfound adult, her mother executively and vocally produced the entire project.

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