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Ray J, Sammie, Bobby V and Pleasure P Discuss Forming R&B Supergroup RSVP, Following “Verzuz” Pre-Show Viral Success

Fans are still laughing and reminiscing about last week’s “Verzuz” between 2000 R&B heartthrobs Omarion and Mario on Thursday, June 23. But the real drama went down during the pre-show between Ray J, Bobby V, Sammie and Pretty Ricky’s Pleasure P. Between the laughs, the shade and clash of egos, the self-proclaimed kings of R&B performed their classic hits live for an audience in Los Angeles. On Tuesday, June 28, the men hopped on Instagram Live to recap the big night, their performance and their showmanship on stage.

“It’s time to get some stuff off,” Ray J began. “There’s a lot of things we have to address today.” He was quickly joined by Bobby V, who helped him piece together what happened that night.

Ray J, Sammie, Bobby V and Pleasure P Discuss Forming R&B Supergroup RSVP, Following "Verzuz" Pre-Show Viral Success
L-R: Ray J, Sammie, Bobby V, and Pleasure P. Photos: Rodin Eckenroth/FilmMagic, Aaron J. Thornton/Getty Images, Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images for BET, Paras Griffin/Getty Images

Pleasure P joined the chat next to share his point of view, but the universe dismantled his connection. “Aye, P, fix your WiFi,” said Bobby.

The conversation then jumped to Ray who explained why he struggled with his lyrics on stage and why his voice was less than superb. “Y’all can say what y’all want about Ray J. This n—a don’t sing. He don’t care about singing. This n—a rich,” said Bobby at the 8:15 mark.

Ray J caught a lot of flak from fans and viewers for his lack of dance skills and drinking Casamigos tequila before the event. Even his big sis, Brandy, called him out for not taking her advice on preparing for the pre-show.

“Money doesn’t make it ok to do what I did,” the “Sexy Can I” singer explained. “I’m going to make up for it because I really wanted to showcase what I had, and I did. I showcased another side.” He added, “I don’t know what that was.”

Ray J and Bobby V agreed the Verzuz preshow was a “celebration” for all even those who watched on Instagram. There was a brief intermission as the duo were joined by Ray J’s friend Maggie, who showed her “Black fungus” feet.

“Oh s–t,” said Bobby V when Maggie switched the camera to show her feet.

Sammie joined the chat later to apologize for being so “hostile” onstage and for taunting Ray J with his own song. In response, Ray J offered for Sammie to do another version of “One Wish” and to give him some of the rights to the song.

“My fault I’m still trying to get that energy off of me. I’ma talk to my therapist,” Sammie said to the trio including Pleasure P, who rejoined the chat. “I apologize.”

Later on, the men discussed forming the R&B Supergroup RSVP, a name Bobby Valentino claims to have come up with.

Bobby V jokingly referred to the new group as the new Jodeci, referencing the drama between the “Come and Talk to Me” vocalists who often fought over their solo ambitions. Meanwhile, Pleasure P said they would call it a “collective.”

To set some ground rules, Sammie said, “Listen this is a huddle. Let’s do it in front of the world. No one’s the lead singer. We’re all equally important to the group.”

He also declared himself as “The Talker” of the group, suggesting they create the best music for their fans. 

“You’re the talker but I’m the music,” said Pleasure, as the only one with a Grammy-nominated debut album, “The Introduction to Marcus Cooper.” Meanwhile, the group called Ray J “The Spokesperson” for having industry connections that can help RSVP land a reality show on Zeus or another television network.

Bobby V, the second Grammy nominee in the proposed group, can also contribute to the music. He received a Grammy nomination for his vocal performance on Lil Wayne‘s “Tha Carter III” album. Sammie and Ray J have yet to receive any Grammy nominations. 

Fans in the comments were laughing over the forty-nine minute conversation. Many admired the men for their accountability while others agreed there was a ring leader in the chaotic night.

“So it’s Sammy fault for the Tom Foolery. I agree he started it,” said one person. Another wrote, “This whole live is too funny.”

Speaking directly to Brandy’s younger brother, who was told to rest his voice, one individual said, “Drink the tea your sis made for you Ray.” A second said, “Love the accountability ray.”

Most enjoyed another round of comedy and antics from the R&B men. A few noticed the “Raydiation” singer eating noodles throughout the chat and complimented his ability to capitalize off their memorable Verzuz moment.

“Ray J is all about marketing. He always turns a L into a W. Real businessman,” said one commentator. Another wrote, “One wish, one wish, one wish put it on a t-shirt Ray J.”

A third asked, “Why did Ray make that lady show her black fungus toes in between eating a cup of noodles.”

But a handful, who put the entire conversation and Verzuz pre-show into perspective, said they commended Ray J, Bobby V, Pleasure P and Sammie for getting on stages around the world for the last two decades.

“Ray…I enjoyed it,” wrote one fan. “It brought back so many memories. Y’all did good to me. I think its ridiculous for people to expect people so sound EXACTLY like they did. That’s like me expecting The Whispers and The Chi-Lites to sound like they did back then. I liked everything.”

Another said, “Pre-show definitely was better than the Verzuz as Pleasure P said.”

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