‘I Think They Messing Around’: Fans Suspect Ginuwine and His ‘Forever’ Crush Claudia Jordan  Are Secretly ‘Bumping Uglies’ After She Shares Steamy Throwbacks

Claudia Jordan‘s act of showing love to her “king” Ginuwine has fans speculating that their friendship may be turning into something more than platonic.

The “Cocktails with Queens” co-host took a trip down memory lane, sharing photos in a heartfelt post acknowledging the singer’s 53rd birthday.

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Steamy throwbacks of Claudia Jordan and Ginuwine have fans suspecting the two are secretly “bumping uglies.” (Photos: @Claudiajordan/Instagram.)

On Instagram, she wrote, “This is forever and I know neither of us is going anywhere and will be down for life! I’m forever proud of you and I love seeing how happy your kids and now beautiful grand baby make you. You’re iconic yet humble.”

The post continued with, “Fun but about your business… a great performer on stage then shy in person at times (which I still trip on!) But most importantly you’re just a good soul and good person at your core and I love that about you. Happy Birthday King!! Wishing you all the love and happiness.”

“She probably waiting on him to make the move first,” read one fan comment. Another suggested, “I think we late to the bedroom they probably already been messing around that’s why it’s so many outings or meet ups.” A third social media user joked, “He probably was so anxious to get in those jeans lol,” while a fourth person commented, “They have clearly already bumped uglies!!!!!!!”

The crooner returned the love with his own message. “Thank you my Queen love love love to you foerever and always,” read his comment. Fans saw all the proof they needed to assume an old romance had been rekindled.

Speculation about the two dating also sparked in October 2022 after the “In Those Jeans” singer called Jordan his “crush forever and ever” in an Instagram post, and in her reply, ” she referred to him as “my friend.”

In a 2018 appearance on “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen,” Ginuwine admitted that “early on” he and Jordan were an item in 1997. “She was the—my video was her first lead role. So, it was great,” he said of their rapport filming “Only When UR Lonely.”

Jordan saw the speculative discourse unfolding in the comments section and responded to two opinions. When one person said it was time for the singer and actress to go ahead and “bump genitalia’s,” Jordan responded, “omg!!! Lol.”

Another user was perplexed by their chemistry after thinking that Ginuwine was still married to rapper Solé. Jordan set the record straight as she explained, “he’s been divorced for many years and his wife has been remarried for years. Like 8 years ago.”

Ginuwine and Solé were together for 12 years when they divorced in 2015. The two musicians have two daughters, Story and Dream Sarae Lumpkin. In 2017, Solé married Public Enemy MC Professor Griff. “Plot twist… They already doing it lol. She was sure to clear up any rumors about his ex,” read a reaction to exchange between Jordan and the fan.

As for the alum from “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” she secretly married actor Datari Turner in November 2009. She filed for an annulment just three months later after claiming he was a fraud who misrepresented himself. She also alleged that he may have had a girlfriend on the side during their relationship. 

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