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‘We Stuck’: Ashanti Has Fans Cracking Up After Lap Dance with Ginuwine Goes Left

Ginuwine received a lap dance from Ashanti at a recent show in Texas they did together. Ja Rule and the group Jagged Edge were on the bill as well.

The clip from Saturday’s show in the Austin suburb of Cedar Park was posted to Instagram on Sunday by Ginuwine, which got people fired up and they had plenty to say about it. In it, Ashanti belted out the lyrics to her song “Girlfriend,” while Ginuwine was handcuffed in a chair and smiled the whole time.

The former Murder Inc. singer then sat down on his lap, put her arm around him and began moving around seductively.

But when Ashanti sang the last few words of the song and tried to get up, something on her outfit got stuck to Ginuwine’s, and they were unable to free themselves.

“Oh sh– and we stuck,” she said while laughing.

Afterward, her dancers came to help and got both singers loose. Then, when they were freed, the “Foolish” singer let out a hearty chuckle.

People had plenty to say about the clip once it surfaced, and a lot of folks said they love Ashanti’s playful nature.

“I love her down to earth self shes adorable😊😊😊,” one person wrote on Instagram.

“She’s sooo goofy. I love her energy,” another person commented.

There were also some people who expressed desire to see the two R&B singers be romantic with each other.

“Might as well hook up,” someone wrote.

“Just make the baby already🏆” wrote another.

Plus, there were plenty who said Ginuwine was extremely lucky for getting to be Ashanti’s lap dance partner, while a lot of ladies said she was the fortunate one.

You can see the clip below.

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