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‘But She Tried to Get with Kordell’: Claudia Jordan Hits Back at Claims She Tried to Date Porsha William’s Ex After Slamming The Reality Star’s New Engagement

Claudia Jordan‘s remarks on Porsha Williams‘s engagement news on May 16 have fans side-eyeing the 48-year-old and bringing up her past with Williams’ ex-husband Kordell Stewart. In the latest episode of “Tea-G-I-F” alongside Al Reynolds and Funky Dineva, Jordan condemned the Dish Nation co-host’s relationship with her supposed friend Falynn Guobadia’s estranged husband, Simon Guobadia

Jordan said on mark 2:56 the only reason she was inserting herself in the situation was because she saw people bringing up old clips of her from season 7 of “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” claiming Williams got her car from a married African man following her engagement announcement.

Claudia Jordan got backlash for condemning Porsha Williams’ recent engagement news. (Photo: @foxsoul/YouTube)

“I remember when I was on the show. I don’t want to make this about me, but I have to in this instance because there’s a bunch of video clips going around, ‘well, I done told y’all years ago what the deal was,’ but everyone thought I was hating. I was not hating. I used to actually hang out with her. I thought she was a sweet girl, and then I saw some things.”

Based on the first clip, many fans brought up Wiliams’ ex-husband, former Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Kordell Stewart who was married to Williams from 2011 to 2013, who she seemed to have a flirtatious encounter with during her time on the show.

“Claudia where was this think piece when Kenya was trying to hook you up with Kordell?”

“But she tried to get with Kordell who was Porsha’s ex husband when she was on season 7. She forgot about that.”

“Oh just like how she was flirting with porsha ex husband, and got his number on SZN 7 right? Her and porsha weren’t friends but she was trying to be her friend and be a hater at the same time.”

“Girl bye, didn’t you go on a date with kordell? She wanna be on the show so bad. Ain’t nobody checking for you! 😭😭😭.”

Jordan, however, went on to clear that up noting how uncomfortable she felt even though she and Williams were just friendly acquaintances at the time.  

“I remember when I was on the show me, Cynthia [Bailey], and Kenya [Moore] went to Bar One in Charlotte, and Kordell was there which is Porsha’s ex-husband. … I mean they were divorced, her and I were not friends, we were cool, you know what I mean? To play around, like, my cast members thought it would be cute to put me on the spot to act like they were hooking me up with him. I was so uncomfortable even though I had no loyalty to her. I didn’t owe her anything — just me as a woman and how I feel about myself. I couldn’t even play it up. I joked around for a few minutes. I was extremely uncomfortable.”

Jordan completed that statement denying ever being involved with Stewart despite how it played out on television by saying, “it was a scene. Nothing else [happened] after that.”

Although Jordan claimed she and Williams never “rocked like that,” she recalled instances where the two of them have hung out together in New York and Miami with mutual friends and sent her a text congratulating the mother of one on her job at Dish Nation at the time. Jordan said those brief moments “were enough” to put a boundary between her and Stewart because of the connection she and Williams did share. 

“That was enough for me. We don’t got to be besties for me not to rock with your ex-husband. The way I go with my friends if I’m out with my friends and a guy even hollers at one of my girls, you can’t come to me second, you know what I mean even if I’m kind of cool with a girl, it just feels weird.”

(From left) Claudia Jordan, Porsha Williams and Simon Guobadia. (Photos: @claudiajordan/Instagram @porsha4real/Instagram)

Before wrapping up, Jordan expressed she genuinely hopes that Williams found love with Simon and isn’t using this opportunity to gain money. 

“I just feel like I hope you really are in love after nine days y’all been together. … It’s only worth it if it ends up becoming something for real. If it’s just some temporary thing and some money grab, a spur in the moment thing, its really a bad look. She’s been dragged a lot these past few days.”

Williams and Simon announced their relationship on May 10 by posting lengthy captions on their respective Instagram accounts expressing how much they loved each other after one month of dating. The entrepreneur revealed that the pair were also engaged while thanking those for their well-wishes. This announcement was preceded by Williams’ initially baffling Mother’s Day post that included both Simon and Williams’ ex Dennis McKinley,

The next day Falynn addressed the recent engagement of her estranged husband Simon by thanking fans for their support and informing them she is simply focusing on finalizing her divorce. “I want to thank everyone for reaching out to me and offering their love and support. At this time, I am focusing on finalizing my divorce and healing. Sending positivity to all of you. Sincerely, Falynn.” 

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