Is 9-Year-Old Zhuri the Next Star Athlete of the James Family? Here Are Four Times LeBron Celebrated His Daughter’s Athleticism

LeBron James may be the ultimate sports star in his house right now, but it seems his and his wife Savannah’s three children may be set to dethrone him in the future, and, as social media is seeing, that’s including the youngest of the bunch.

Fans are fully aware that the NBA’s star basketball player has two sons, Bronny and Bryce, who are already following in their father’s footsteps.

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Eighteen-year-old Bronny is set to be a key asset during his freshman season as a member of the University of Southern California men’s basketball team, which begins in November — if given the clear all after being diagnosed with and undergoing treatment for a congenital heart defect in August. Bryce, who entered his junior year of high school this year, received his first college scholarship offer from Ohio University.

Fans say Zhuri may be the next star athlete in the James Family. (Pictured: LeBron James, Bronny, Zhuri, Bryce, and mom Savannah. (Photo: @Kingjames/Instagram.)

However, it is LeBron’s daughter, Zhuri, who is making a name for herself in her own lane. The 9-year-old already has proven that she inherited the athletic gene from her father, as she is becoming a standout on the court in volleyball. The four-time league championship winner recently posted clips of his youngest child in action which proved fan theories that Zhuri is sure to be a force in the sports world.

LeBron Cheers on His Youngest ‘Munchin’ Zhuri

LeBron was a proud dad as he supported Zhuri from the bleachers during a recent volleyball match. His Oct. 15 Instagram post read, “Another One in the making! Uh-Oh!! Let’s Gooooooo Munchin!! @allthingszhuri got NEXT!! VIBES!! #JamesGang #ZTheWarriorPrincess.”

In the clips he shared, Zhuri delivered two serves that her opponents did not answer. LeBron is heard saying, “Do your thang, munchkin; do your thang.” In a third clip, seemingly to his daughter’s disapproval, he comically shouts out, “Let’s go munchkin!” She acknowledged his support with a side eye that stirred up laughter from LeBron and his fans, who left comments.

Some of their remarks about her athleticism included:

“Serving over hand like that at her age is impressive.”

“Lebron got a family full of athletes, what a blessing.” 

“Idc get her a basketball!!! She got them lebron genes so she’ll b in the nba.”

LeBron Gushed In the Past About Zhuri Being a Star Athlete

In April, the Los Angeles Lakers power forward boasted about Zhuri being “My [volleyball emoji] [star emoji] in the making” in his Instagram Story. He shared a video of her in the backyard practicing her serve.

Zhuri Can Hang With Dad and Brothers on the Basketball Court Too

There is footage as far back as 2017 that shows toddler Zhuri slam dunking on a basketball on a kiddie hoop. According to LeBron, the clip that was originally posted in an Instagram Story showed off that the then-3-year-old “got bounce already!”

Zhuri Already Works Out Like an Elite Athlete

The elementary student is no stranger to sweat equity. Her famous dad has shared that his princess spends time in the gym just like him. In a 2020 video, a pajama-clad Zhuri followed in LeBron’s footsteps during a weightlifting session in their home gym. The following year in a 2021 gym photo with her father, she showed off her gains as they both flexed their muscles.

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