LeBron James Claims Son Bronny Is Just as Good as He Was as a Teen, and Folks Are Seriously Arguing About It

According to LeBron James, his son LeBron “Bronny” James Jr. might be his second coming,

James hold the titles of a four-time NBA champion, four-time NBA MVP, and arguably the greatest basketball player of all time. Even though he touts himself as “King James” and the “GOAT,” James makes sure to let people know that he is a proud father to his children, Bronny, Bryce, and Zhuri.

His two sons, Bronny and Bryce, are following in his footsteps, as the two have become basketball stars in their own right. Being the sons of one of the most famous basketball players ever comes with scrutiny, so the pair’s athletic abilities are always under a microscope.

This attention is especially magnified for James’ son Bronny. Bronny, the eldest James child, is headed to college as a five-star recruit out of Sierra Canyon High School in California. He was the 19th-ranked recruit out of the class of 2023, and he enrolled at USC to play for the Trojans.

Even though he was in the top 20 of the 2023 class, some analysts still believe the 19-year-old is undersized and not as athletic as his father. Bronny is a 6-foot-2 combo guard and a good shooter, while his father was around 6 feet 8 and 240 pounds when he was 18, with the ability to jump out of the gym.

Lebron says Bronny James is just as athletic as he was when he was 19.
LeBron James says Bronny James is just as athletic as he was when he was 19. (Photo: @kingjames/Instagram)

While many analysts believe that Bronny may be better suited as a defensive-minded facilitator, James and some fans want to let people know that his son is just as athletic as he was.

In an X (Twitter) post that read, “Too say Bronny just as athletic or if not more than Bron was at his age isn’t wild ! He’s doing this at 6’2 not 6’8,” internet comedian and sports fan Famous Los 32 tried to convince everyone of how underrated Bronny is. Los posted a stitched video of himself talking over a clip of Bronny windmill dunking during a high school game.

The comedian said, “Bronny 6-2. He’s 6-2 doing this, not 6-8. If he was 6-8 the bottom of his shoes would be over the rim and that’s on my mama.” The video then showed another clip of the teen pulling out an “East Bay” dunk, between the legs, during another game.

He then said people told him, “Athleticism ain’t only about dunkin’.” He then showed a clip of Bronny running with the ball in transition and said, “I know that. Look at how fast his damn feet movin’.” The commenters agreed with Los, saying Bronny’s explosiveness and leaping ability are great for someone his size.

James also popped in the comments to praise his son. The Los Angeles Laker forward said, “Exactly!!! He’s definitely just as if not right there at his age. The casuals just like to argue about [poop emoji] they literally don’t know about.”

Fans argued over if James was telling the truth, or if he was just gassing his son.

“Exactly these casuals have no idea how high this kid is getting his head is at the rim at 6’2….”

“Bronny isn’t NBA good. What’s going to happen is he’s going to get in because of YOU. And he’s going to get embarrassed.”

“They’ll still try to argue even tho it’s coming straight from the source now.”

“He’s just a average player he won’t be big tyme on another level.”

“If he was 6’8 omg his chest would be at the rim.”

That is high praise coming from a man who was already in the NBA at his son’s age. When James was 19, he was a rookie on the Cleveland Cavaliers, where he averaged 20.9 points, 5.5 rebounds and 5.9 assists a game.

Unlike his father, Bronny doesn’t have the ability to jump from high school to the league because of NBA rules. The younger James has to go through college first, but for a small amount of time that looked like it would be easier said than done.

Bronny had a health scare before his inaugural season with the Trojans. On July 24, the teenager went into cardiac arrest during a summer practice at USC. It was later found out that he had a heart defect when getting checked. It looks like everything is OK now, as James told the media that his son was doing “extremely well.”

Now fans just have to wait and see if and when the heir to “King James” will step on the NBA courts.

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