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‘Savannah’s Twin’: LeBron James Daughter Zhuri’s Take On ‘I Like’ Dance Challenge Derails After Fans Bring Up How Much She Looks Like Her Mom and Brother Bronny

When the student becomes the master.

LeBron and Savannah James‘ 7-year-old daughter Zhuri James appeared to have schooled her dance instructor during their latest lesson.

Savannah's Twin': LeBron James Daughter Zhuri's Take On 'I Like' Dance Challenge Derails After Fans Bring Up How Much She Looks Like Her Mom and Brother Bronny
LeBron James’ daughter Zhuri James’ latest dance video with her instructor Candice causes a commotion on social media. Photo:@candicemusic/TikTok

In a TikTok video uploaded on May 11, Zhuri’s instructor Candice shared a clip of the pair taking on the “I Like” dance challenge. In the popular trend, which includes Guy’s 1989 track “I Like,” participants are seen incorporating arm gestures as they stand in a stationary position. Other people who have taken part in this challenge include Bow Wow’s daughter Shai Moss

In the caption, Candice informed her followers that Zhuri taught her the moves. She said, “#zhuriandcandi … clearly she taught me this one.” The dancer added in the comments section that the reason why she shared the video was because the duo had a great training session. 

She wrote, “Just know whenever you see a TikTok from us, it’s cause we had a great training/dance rehearsal day!”

As fans viewed the upload, many raved over Zhuri moves. 

“That girl needa teach me to dance.”

“She slayed she can dance better than me.”

“Dang she ate and left so much crumbs.”

“She dances better than me.”

“Zhuri is the entertainer of the family…Ol’ pretty self.”

Among the praise, a couple of social media users brought up how Zhuri resembled a her mother Savannah and older brother Bronny. 

“Zhuri. Savannah ‘s twin.”

“LeBron’s daughter lil Savanna’s.”

“She look like young bronny.”

“She dead look like bronny.”

This post comes days after Zhuri went viral for her interpretation of the “A Bay Bay” dance challenge while attending what appeared to be a high school basketball game. 

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