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‘Let’s Talk About That Perfect Lob to Her Pops!’: LeBron James’ Fans Claim That His Daughter Zhuri Has a Future In Basketball After Viewing This Video of the Pair Practicing

It appears that LeBron James‘ daughter Zhuri James may have a bright future in the Women’s National Basketball Association, at least according to fans, after a video of the 7-year-old playing basketball with her father circulated online.

The Instagram clip, shared on July 11, showcases the pair doing warm-ups in the St. Vincent-St. Mary High School gym. St. Vincent-St. Mary High School, which is LeBron’s high school alma mater, is located in Akron, Ohio.

Let's Talk About That Perfect Lob to Her Pops!': LeBron James' Fans Claim That His Daughter Zhuri Has a Future In Basketball After Viewing This Video of the Pair Practicing
LeBron James’ fans were left impressed by his daughter Zhuri James’ skills on the basketball court as the pair played a game. Photo:@koolmac/Instagram

The post starts with Zhuri throwing the ball to LeBron as he dunks it in the hoop. It continues with LeBron assisting Zhuri with a shot by lifting her to the rim. The recording also displays the father-daughter duo high-fiving each other following what appeared to be good session. 

In addition to the upload, LeBron’s videographer Cameron Look wrote the caption, “Alley-oops at the alma mater.” As fans viewed the video, many expressed how stunned they were by Zhuri’s talent. Several remarks mentioned that Zhuri might have a future in the league. At the same time, one social media user tried to recruit her for the Lakers. 

“Watch out for Z now.”

“Zhuri gon be the next WNBA Goat”

“WNBA future.”

“We need her on the Lakers asap.”

In addition to the previous responses, others brought up Zhuri’s lobbing skills. The definition of lob means to throw an object in a high arc. One wrote, “Let’s talk about that perfect lob to her pops!” Another said, “Zuri lobbing to Bron better than some you ninjas.”

A third user posted, “She really threw the oop? cause that was on point… PG Zhuri.” Basketball isn’t the only talent that Zhuri has displayed in recent years. Zhuri has also become a household name on social media for her viral dance moves.

The most recent event occurred in May when she participated in an “I Like” dance challenge with her instructor Candice.

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