Black & Streaming: From Mario Van Peebles In ‘Armed’ to Jamie Foxx’s ‘The Burial,’ Here Are Nine TV Shows and Movies to Watch on Destah and Other Streaming Platforms

Happy Friday, Everyone! The weekend is here, and you know that ABS has you covered with our weekly What to Watch List.

So grab some popcorn and your favorite drink, because Destah and other streaming platforms have the action on lock this weekend.

“Armed” is a crazy action-packed film with a mystery based at the center. Not only does it have a solid cast, but the list of cameos from DC Young Fly, Dionne Warwick, Roland Martin, and more make the movie such a fun watch. “A Violent Man” is another noteworthy movie with big names too, like actress Denise Richards, but the more low-key character-driven story makes the film feel personal.

If you want to check out another character-driven film, “Miss Juneteenth” will be right up your alley. The film has a 99% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and when you watch Nicole Beharie’s performance you will understand why critics and audiences love it.

Mario Van Peebles in "Armed" and Nicole Beharie in "Miss Juneteenth."
Mario Van Peebles in “Armed” and Nicole Beharie in “Miss Juneteenth.” (Photos: @mariovanpeebles @nikkibeharie/Instagram)

As usual, love is still in the air, but in the season 8 reunion of “Ready to Love,” there is no love lost between some of the singles. Watch as some people get accused of liking “fairer-skinned women” and others are called out for their poor attitudes. The drama continues in the season finale of Netflix’s “Love is Blind” as some couples find out they just weren’t meant to be.

Here’s a list of series and films to watch on Destah and other popular streaming platforms this weekend.


  • The Bottom (2021) Trauma can bond people stronger than blood can. That is what happens in this series, where three men are brought together after an unfortunate event. As they struggle to make ends meet, they have to put their heads together to figure out a way to survive.
  • Armed (2018) Chief feels like he’s losing his mind, and maybe he is. Mario Van Peebles directs, writes, and stars in this action thriller, where he plays a former U.S. marshal who’s fallen on hard times. After leading his team into a raid that ended with unfortunate consequences, Chief has to pick up the pieces, as he learns he may be a part of a larger conspiracy. The film also stars Columbus Short and Laz Alonzo, with many more celebrity cameos.
  • A Violent Man (2017) In this mystery film, Thomas Q. Jones from the Netflix series “Luke Cage” plays Ty Matthews, a down-on-his-luck mixed martial arts fighter. Matthews catches a high after beating an opponent, played by fighting legend Chuck Liddell, and he steps out on his girl to have a one-night stand. After the woman he slept with is found dead, Matthews has to fight for his life to clear his name.
  • Silent Cry Aloud (2016) Actress Karen Malina White stars in this melodrama as a determined mother whose sole focus has become to find her boyfriend who up and left in the middle of the night — not her young daughter, who battles with her own trauma. As she goes on a hunt to find her estranged man, her daughter is taken by social services. This forces her down a path of self-discovery and a journey to become a better mother.

Amazon Prime

  • The Burial (2023) In this feel-good movie based on a true story, Jamie Foxx plays attorney Willie E. Gary. Gary is enlisted by funeral home owner Jeremiah O’Keefe, played by Tommy Lee Jones, after a deal with a larger company goes sour. Heartfelt moments and comedy ensue as the odd-couple pair bond over the case. Jurnee Smollett and Mamoudou Athie also appear in the film.

Apple TV

  • The Challenging (Season Finale) All will be revealed in the final episode titled, “Battle of the Island,” of this mind-bending dark fairytale. After a season full of twists and turns left LaKeith Stanfield’s “Apollo” finding more questions than answers, a resolution to the madness is finally in sight. Will Apollo and his allies reach the end in one piece, or will the darkness consume everyone?

Max (HBO Max)

  • Ready to Love (Season 8) (2023) In the eighth season of this dating show, a new batch of 20- to 30-year-olds come together to see if they can find love. Nephew Tommy hosts as tensions and drama arise while the 15 to 20 single Black people try to find the one. All episodes are out now, so watch to find out which couples stay together and which weren’t meant to be.


  • Love Is Blind (Season 5) (2023) The love fest is almost over, as the season finale drops this weekend. After all of the happiness and heartbreaks, viewers will finally be able to see who actually got hitched and who’s going to get ditched. There’s still a lot of talk about the love triangle between Aaliyah, Uche and Lydia. But fans are gearing up for the spicy reunion episode airing on Sunday, Oct. 15, where all the couples get together to discuss everything that unfolded in front of the cameras and behind the scenes.
  • Miss Juneteenth (2020) Nicole Beharie may have flown under the radar for a lot of people, but she has never turned in a poor performance. From “Black Mirror,” “42,” and “The Morning Show” she gives her all in every performance. This 2020 film is no different as she plays a former pageant queen and single mother who is trying to make ends meet. She tries to replicate her pageant success with her daughter so she can win a scholarship to an HBCU.


  • Women of the Jury (2023) “12 Angry Men” could never. After a store owner is put on trial for killing two Black men, a jury full of 12 women from diverse backgrounds must decide his fate. As one juror holds out on a not-guilty verdict, fights, agreements, alliances, and alienations occur. The film stars Angela “Blac Chyna” White, Drew Sidora, Erica Pinkett, and more.

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