‘Waiting on Tokyo Toni to Chime In’: Blac Chyna Debuts Her New Boyfriend with PDA Photos

Angela White, formerly known as Blac Chyna, is a new person, and with this new life she’s debuting a new boo.

The mother of two and reformed celebrity sex kitten has found love, taking to social media to share her man, Derrick Milano, with the world.

The pair made it cyber official on Monday, Sept. 25, simultaneously sharing posts on Instagram.

Blac Chyna posted a heart emoji times prayer and tagged the Grammy Award-winning artist, songwriter and producer.

Blac Chyna posts new boo on Instagram.

Her new beau commented “Mine” and an infinity symbol underneath White’s post.

What Milano shared on his page was a little more expressive.

“It hits different when you find your best friend & lover at the same time. Love you Angela,” his caption read, with producer Rodney Jerkins being one of the first to comment, writing, “Love this! She’s gonna lead u to Christ bro!”

Derrick Milano celebrates his new love, Angela White, on Instagram.

Many fans on social media could not wait to celebrate White’s new relationship.

“I’m happy for her. I hope he supports her journey with sobriety.”

“Oh s##t I love Derrick so if he happy I’m happy.”

“Ohhhh I want this to work so bad and don’t know a lick about either of them.”

Some people had a ton of Tokyo Toni jokes, anticipating White’s mother to say something slick about the new couple, as she’s known to reality TV viewers for having a slick tongue and she and her daughter haven’t always had a great relationship.

“Toni: ‘You’re laying in a bed… that 10 men had layed in.’”

“Oh best believe Miss Tokyo Toni is coming.”

“Waiting on Tokyo Toni to chime in.”

Many are asking, “Who is Derrick Milano?” The hitmaker, whose real name is Derrick Carrington Gray, is from Philadelphia. In addition to being a writer on Megan Thee Stallion and Beyoncé’s Grammy-winning “Savage (Remix),” he has also written for artists like Justin Bieber, Juicy J, Kevin Gates, Pop Smoke and Nicki Minaj.

Angela White, 35, is a few years older than Milano, who was born in 1993. She also has two children from two previous Hollywood relationships.

The D.C. native has a 10-year-old son named King Cairo with her ex, rapper Tyga, and shares a 6-year-old daughter, Dream, with Rob Kardashian, to whom she was engaged from February 2016 to February 2017.

Milano entered White’s life when she was shifting her life for the better. Proof of her change was evident on Sept. 15, when she revealed she had been sober for a full year.

Angela White’s Instagram post on one year of being sober

She posted on Instagram, “September 14 , 2023 marks my one-year of sobriety this year taught me a lot about myself. I made up my mind on September 14, 2022 that I was done with the alcohol. This process is not easy but I did it, I plan on continuing practicing sobriety. I want to thank everybody that has been supporting me with this part of my journey.”

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