‘They Are Truly Despicable’: Roland Martin’s Take on ‘RHOP’ Isn’t Well Received by Fans on Social Media

Monique Samuel‘s explosive moment on part one of the season-five reunion of “The Real Housewives of Potomac” where she exposed details surrounding Gizelle Bryant‘s romantic relationship seems to be all anyone on social media can talk about, including journalist Jemele Hill. The details Samuels shared relate to Gizelle and her ex-husband and now boyfriend, Pastor Jamal Bryant.

On Monday, Dec. 14, the host of the “Jemele Hill Unbothered” podcast revealed on Twitter that she never watched a full episode of the popular Bravo reality show. However, after watching a clip of the exchange between Monique and Gizelle, she tweeted, “I want to watch the entire series to see what hath happened????”

Fellow journalist Ronald Martin, however, didn’t share the same opinions. Martin retweeted Hill’s post, expressing that he would “NEVER” watch that “trash a– #RHOP or ANY of the Housewive shows.” He added, “They are truly despicable. ALL OF THEM.”

Roland Martin. Photo: @rolandmartin/Instagram

A handful of people agreed with Martin, claiming that shows like the “Housewives” franchises were a poor representation of the black community. However, several other folks on Twitter, presumably fans of the series, weren’t accepting Martin’s take, mostly since he never watched an episode. Many people felt as though he didn’t have a right to an opinion, including one user who wrote, “Wait you’ll never watch them but you have an opinion??? TF?!? #RHOP.”

Another person wrote, “No need to look at them as being despicable. It’s just entertainment for those who want to watch it.” They added, “You know like Steve Wilco, Jerry Springer etc. Now what’s despicable is Trump and his cast of characters. Oh wait that’s not TV. Smh.”

A third person commented, “But if you don’t watch them and we do, why are they so “DESPICABLE”? That’s a reach & a stretch for entertainment by women of ALL races that have been doing this for years. Plus: it’s not YOUR market, so why do you even have an opinion? There’s room for ALL media, remember that.” 

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