‘That’s Not a Real Marriage’: Nene Leakes Called ‘Lonely’ for Contemplating Remarrying Just to ‘Have a Partner for Life’ In Emotional Video

Fans are urging Nene Leakes not to settle after she vulnerably shares her contemplation of remarrying simply to have a life partner. 

“The Real Housewives of Atlanta” OG expressed her thoughts about remarrying on the latest episode of her YouTube series titled “Life of Nene.” Early in the 11-minute video, Leakes admitted that she’d had a doctor’s appointment and grew emotional when she was given a clipboard that asked for her emergency contact. 

She shared, “It came out of nowhere, because I literally was looking at the paper like, ‘emergency contact,’ like, ‘Who is my emergency contact?’ or who is it that I would want somebody to call in case something happens?” 

The 55-year-old’s eyes filled with tears, and her voice began to quaver as she continued, “Any other case, I would have them reach out to my husband and, so I had to start thinking about like, who my emergency contact would be.” 

Leakes was previously married to real estate investor Gregg Leakes for 24 years. They first wed back in 1997 but divorced in 2011. Love soon prevailed, for the beloved couple would later remarry in 2013 and remained in their strong union until Gregg’s untimely passing in September 2021. 

Nene Leakes says she contemplated remarrying only to have a life partner.
Nene Leakes says she contemplated remarrying only to have a life partner. (Photo: @neneleakes/Instagram)

Her late husband passed away from colon cancer after receiving his diagnosis in 2018. He had been in remission for two years before he took a turn for the worse.

In the video, Leakes noted that she ended up writing her son’s name down as the first person health care providers can contact in the event of an emergency. The “Glee” star has two sons, Bryson Rashard Bryant and Brentt Leakes. However, she never specified whose name she wrote. 

Leakes then revealed how the idea of marrying someone for companionship rather than love is starting to seem like a good idea. 

“You know, maybe I should just marry whether I’m 100 percent happy with the person or not,” she suggested. “Maybe I should marry just so I have a partner, you know, a partner for life, right?” 

She continued, “Maybe we would have an agreement that this person would be there for me, and I would be there for them during hard times or medical times or something like that.”

Her heartbreaking revelation wound up on The Jasmine Brand’s Instagram page, where commenters instructed Leakes to stay strong and never give in to loneliness. 

“As we get older, companionship is so necessary. My heart goes out to her.”

“OMG this is sad, to lose your life partner is hard, and the kids are grown she’s lonely. I hope she finds true happiness.”

“No mam that’s not a real marriage you don’t need to marry for companionship or to have a partner you can have that without marriage especially marrying just for companionship only when you know the person is not right for you don’t ever settle for less than you deserve.”

Shortly after Gregg’s passing Leakes found herself in a relationship with fashion designer Nyonisela Sioh. The former couple met through her former RHOA castmate Cynthia Bailey’s ex-husband Peter Thomas. 

Unfortunately, their relationship ended in 2022, with Leakes confirming their split while talking to Carlos King on his “Reality with the King” podcast.

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