‘She’s Gotta Mature at Some Point’: Fans Call Out Tiffany Haddish’s ‘Cringe’ Behavior After She Throws It Back on Meek Mill at Jay-Z’s Party

Tiffany Haddish is back in the news again after another awkward celebrity interaction. This time, fans are talking about her interaction with Meek Mill at the REFORM Alliance event this past weekend.

Tiffany Haddish gets called out for twerking on Meek Mill at criminal justice reform party.
Tiffany Haddish gets called out for twerking on Meek Mill at criminal justice reform party. (Photo: @tiffanyhaddish/Instagram)

REFORM Alliance was founded by the Philadelphia rapper, as well as Jay-Z, Michael Rubin and others to help “move people from the justice system into stability.” The organization’s goal is to change the probation and parole system for people who have left or are leaving jail so that they have less of a chance of being re-incarcerated.

Comedian Kevin Hart hosted the casino-themed charity night, where $24 million was raised for criminal justice reform, and the black-tie event had a star-studded guest list. Celebrity names in attendance included Tom Brady, Gayle King and Kim Kardashian.

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Although the night was a success for everyone involved, Haddish was likely the most talked-about person from the event after she recorded herself dancing on Mill.

The Grammy and Oscar-winning comedienne hopped on Instagram Live with her phone in one hand and a drink in the other. While Fabolous and French Montana were on stage rapping, Haddish decided to throw it back on one of the founders of REFORM Alliance and “Dreams and Nightmares” rapper Mill.

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At first, it looked like Mill was just trying to be in her video, but didn’t know what was going on. He can be heard telling Haddish to watch out before she moves off of him. Fabolous, who caught the interaction from onstage, said, “I see you, Tiffany.”

Mill didn’t seem too pressed about the situation because as the “Girls Trip” actress turned around to him, he told her, “Bend that s—t over.” Haddish responded, “Don’t play like that, I like that s—t. I like that s—t.”

The “Going Bad” rapper seemed cool with Haddish twerking on him, but fans did not like her wild antics at such a lavish party for a good cause.

“Why she still invited to these spaces??”

“When Marlon Wayans says she needs to grow up there’s a problem there.”

“I need Tiffany Haddish to stop acting this desperate.. Not pushing up on #Meekmill.”

Regardless of what online critics had to say, Haddish wrote, “Last night was so much fun!!!,” on her Instagram story, paired with photos from the event.

But this was mild compared to the “Night School” star chasing behind pop music star Shakira at the VMAs in September. Haddish followed the “Beautiful Liar” singer around, screaming her name in a bad Spanish accent, and popping up in random photos with her.

While Mill acknowledged Haddish, Shakira acted like she didn’t even exist, making the interaction even more cringe.

“The Kitchen” star blamed her actions that night on the alcohol, but fans believe that’s just the way she is. Her shenanigans made people think back to comedian Marlon Wayans‘ remarks about Haddish during a guest appearance on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.”

Wayans gave Haddish her props as an actress, saying that he and his legendary family always thought that she was funny. Even then, he said she was “always on 10.”

“Sometimes you would just be, like, inappropriate. It’s like a love scene and you want to sit on the actor’s lap and fart. And it’s like, ‘No, Tiffany,” said Wayans. “It’s not for this scene.’ So it was just maturation hit you.”

Haddish clapped back last time after critics made comments about her “annoying” behavior. She has yet to address the criticism publicly this time around.

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