‘SZA ATE YOU UP’: Fan Sparks Instagram ‘Beef’ with SZA By Calling Singer ‘Wack,’ SZA Claps Back In the DMs 

A fan who wanted to get SZA’s attention got much more than she ever anticipated after insulting the Top Dawg Entertainment songstress. 

TikTok user Vadellor is becoming a viral talking point across social media after uploading her “My beef with SZA” video detailing her feud with the St. Louis native. It all began when the user attended the “Snooze” artist’s “SOS” concert in February.

In the three-minute footage, Vadellor explained that she thought recreating the “SZA Wack” meme, which has been circulated for years, would be a comical case of “situational irony.”

The meme was uploaded to Vadellor’s Instagram account, and to her surprise, the post was seen by SZA.

“I don’t think you realize how f**ked up that actually is and how hurtful it was back then and how it RUINED my confidence and desire to perform live. Y’all not human and it’s sad. Really wish you the best. Love,” the singer wrote in the comments.

Fan sparks Instagram beef with SZA after she calls the singer “wack” following her concert. (Photos: @SZA/Instagram, @vadellor/Instagram)

Vadellor said she was embarrassed by the singer’s comment, so she deleted it. SZA also slid into her DMs, telling her that the post was “not okay.”

Soon after, the purported fan deleted the post, but not before the Grammy winner called her out for making a mockery of a sensitive time in her career.

“Before I block you . I jus wanna remind you imma PERSON . Like I have feelings and a life and anxiety like anyone else . it’s really hard to have courage to get up on stage and even wanna do my job . My feelings matter . I don’t bother anyone and being the butt of a joke jus the issue ur popular doesn’t make it better or okay,” wrote SZA. It was followed by several more DMs doubling down on her explanation of why the post was problematic.

The TikTok user went on to accuse SZA of enlisting a friend to antagonize her before making an attempt to defuse the situation. She explained that the meme has been widely circulated among fans, that they never mean any harm by using it, and that her spending $350 to attend the sold-out show proved she was a real fan.

“Please jus focus on yourself and imporoving better relationships with your fans and going after your real haters who genuinely don’t support you . bc that’s not me or my intentions,” read Vadellor’s DM. “She was the one who would’t just leave it alone,” she added in a voice over.

“SZA ATE YOU UP,” read a reaction to feud. A second wrote, “I love sza but she did too much here at her big age.” A third person said, “this is why doja said she hates her fans like i get it now.”

The Grammy winner dropped her latest album, “SOS,” in December. That same month, in a cover shoot for Consequence, she shared that she had plans to disappear and escape the public’s scrutiny for as long as she can following the project’s release.

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