‘I Thought it Was a Make-A-Wish Kid at First’: Lil Wayne Hilariously Looks Out of Place as He Runs Onto the Field with the Green Bay Packers

Lil Wayne ran out of the tunnel with the Green Bay Packers on Thursday, Sept. 28, and the size difference between him and the players was insane. 

Even though the “Green and Yellow” rapper was born and raised in Louisiana, he never became a die-hard New Orleans Saints fan. When choosing which NFL team he was going to root for, Wayne went to the opposite side of America and chose the Green Bay Packers. 

Wayne said his love for the cheeseheads started when his late father went to the 1997 Super Bowl where the Green Bay Packers beat the New England Patriots 35-21. Wayne said that when his father came home he brought a load of Packers memorabilia with him like cups and towels. Instead of hanging it up, Wayne said that he used those items every day and that started his love affair with the Packers. 

Lil Wayne gets roasted after he runs with the Green Bay Packers on to the field.
Lil Wayne gets roasted after he runs with the Green Bay Packers on to the field. (Photo: @liltunechi/Instagram)

Wayne’s love for Green Bay is still going on strong 26 years later, and during the “Thursday Night Football” match between the Packers and the Detroit Lions he got to show his love. The 41-year-old rapper was called on to lead his team out of the tunnel and onto Lambeau Field. While Weezy seemed like he was living the dream, he just looked too out of place to be taken seriously. 

Wayne looked like he was supposed to be coming out with the San Francisco 49ers, as he rocked a red and white polka dot sweater and black pants. While the “6 Foot 7 Foot” rapper was one of the biggest in the game at one point, he looked even shorter than his 5-foot-5 stature when compared to the giant guys who play in the NFL. 

That fact was not lost on viewers, as they made jokes about how small Lil Wayne looked running next to the Packers. 

“Man I thought this was photoshopped or sumthin he look like a 5 year old.”  

“He’s a lot Lil’er than I expected.” 

“Istg i thought it was a make a wish kid at first.” 

“Somebody’s kid got lose on the field get security.”

While Wayne was getting roasted online, his team was not doing any better on the field. By halftime, the upstart Lions were beating the Packers 27 to 3. Green Bay tried to mount a comeback like the Patriots did against the Atlanta Falcons back in 2017 in rallying from a 28-3 third-quarter deficit in Super Bowl 51, but they couldn’t beat Detroit’s defense. The game ended with the Lions beating Wayne’s team 34-20. 

While the Wayne appearance didn’t help in Green Bay, Wisconsin, he did hype up the team in Boulder, Colorado. Wayne has been busy on the football field this year, as he brought out the University of Colorado Buffaloes earlier this month (Sept. 16). 

Instead of running out with the team, Wayne performed his 2007 song “Ride for My N—-s” as the Buffaloes entered their highly anticipated match against the Colorado State Rams. This time Wayne’s team was victorious as the Buffaloes mounted a comeback double-overtime victory against their instate rivals.

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