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‘When She Blocked Rihanna Y’all all Laughed and Made Jokes’: Fans Race to SZA’s Defense After Taylor Swift Fans ‘Attacked’ Her Producer for Accusing ‘That Other Lady of Trynna Block’ ‘SOS’ Album

SZA’s producer faced the wrath of dozens of Taylor Swift fans online after he seemingly shaded the pop-country singer. Cody Jordan Fayne, also known as ThankGod4Cody, congratulated his recording artist on the success of her album “SOS,” which has claimed the No. 1 spot on the Billboard 200 chart for four weeks consecutively.

“SOS” is the first R&B album by a woman to remain on the Billboard 200 for four weeks since “As I Am” by Alicia Keys back in 2008. Janet Jackson’s album “Janet” was the first R&B album to remain on the Billboard 200 chart for six weeks in 1993.

Fayne congratulated SZA on her second studio album with a post on his Instagram Stories caught by The Jasmine Brand. The music producer did not mention Swift by name, but SZA fans knew who he was referencing with his “block history” comment.

“4 weeks is #1 is WILD. That other lady was really trynna block history but No Ma’am !”

Fayne shared another post on his timeline about spending the last few years working on new projects.

“Spent these last couple years finishing projects that’d I’d be sure to be proud of when I drop them. Art that properly represents how great me and the ppl that helped put it together are at what we do! So this year I’m moving freely w no fear of judgement, and not listening to anybody trying to tell me how to properly create a buzz,” he wrote. “Idgaf about rules & etiquette. I’m putting out this trilogy just for ppl to take in and 4 it to hopefully affect their lives in a positive way. I appreciate all the messages since Cody of Naz pushing me to drop more ! It’s finally coming all this year !”

Swift fans quickly went ham in the comments under the post, bringing up stats about her previous album, “Midnight.”

“You said Taylor tryna block History. I mean what history?? Taylor’s first-week sale is 1.5 M. She’s selling over 100k for 11 straight weeks which is the most of any female artist did,” wrote one wayward fan. “I love SZA and Taylor love her too. It’s so sick you all being mean about Taylor. Don’t forget Taylor Swift is the best-selling female artist of the Century.”

Another Swift fan pointed out that “Midnight” earned 1.5 million streams in its first week compared to SZA’s “SOS,” which actually received over 753,000 in four weeks, according to Chart Data.

“Midnights’ 1st week – 1.5M, ‘SOS’ Total in 4 weeks – 700K+. What History again?.”

After feeling the heat, Fayne made it clear he did not want ‘the smoke’ and that he had a liking for Swift’s music. “Lol I don’t want the smoke. It was joke and I’m all about peace Swifties! I like Taylor & her music. We’re both from [the] same place!”

Swift has been accused of lacking substance when it comes to race relations and once feuded with Nicki Minaj over nominations at the 2015 Video Music Awards. SZA fans wasted no time reminding everyone of the “Shake It Off” singer’s past disputes with Drake and Rihanna.

“When Taylor blocked Rihanna y’all all laughed and made jokes. When she blocked Drake y’all all laughed and made jokes. Now she’s trying to block Sza and y’all finally got something to say. It’s no fun when it’s YOUR fav now is it?”

SZA has been sharing celebratory posts about her “SOS” on Instagram and Twitter. While fans began conjuring up rumors and stories of an alleged beef with Swift, the Top Dawg signee completely suppressed the negative energy.

She tweeted, “Uhh I feel silly that I even have to say this but I see supporters arguing and I hate that . I don’t have beef w ANYONE especially not Taylor lmao I genuinely loved her album and the writing! Everyone’s jus tryna do their BEST as we all should . LOVE TO EVERYONE. Gn.”

Swift has been accused of blocking artists in the past by releasing her albums close to the same time other artists dropped their music. When Rihanna was scheduled to drop her single “Lift Me Up” on Oct. 23, Swift rushed to release her album Midnights one week sooner. The recording artist was also accused of doing something similar when Drake released his single with 21 Savage, “Rich Flex.”

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