‘I Hope She Has Her Full Armor and Helmet on’: Derrick Jaxn Gets Called Out Over His ‘Backhanded’ Mother’s Day Post to His Estranged Wife

Fans are not here for Derrick Jaxn‘s Mother’s Day post to his estranged wife,  Da’Naia Jackson.

Social media users have seemingly been calling out the internet relationship guru for cheating on Da’Naia through their marriage and then announcing their divorce last year.

Derrick Jaxn
Derrick Jaxn’s sweet Mother’s Day tribute to his estranged wife gets derailed by fans who bring up his cheating past. (Photo: @theshaderoom/Instagram.)

Despite the criticism, Jaxn wrote a heartfelt post on Instagram to tell his 1.3 million followers how much he honors the mother of his children.

“Happy Mother’s Day Danaia,” he began. “No matter what changes we’ve had in our lives, I’ve never seen changes in your dedication to our children. Thank you for showing up for them, even in times you struggled to show up for yourself. Thank you for learning a whole new love language so you could better give and receive love with Marlee,” he said about the former couple’s first daughter.

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He went on to thank Da’Naia for “providing a nurturing safe, space” for their son, Derrick Jr., to express his emotion in a healthier manner. He also thanked her for staying up to date with their youngest Eliy’sha’s “sporadic” sleep schedule.

“Mothers like you don’t get enough credit, but on today, I hope you feel as appreciated as you are,” the author continued. “Our children are blessed to have you in their lives and I will always honor you for the endless sacrifices you make for them. Happy Mother’s Day.”

Jaxn’s post was shared on The Shade Room’s Instagram, where fans in the comment said things such as “Is he fr” and “Bro could of texted this to her.” Some others said:

“Honoring her also includes not cheating on her and making her look crazy in front of the world but ok…”

“This is so back handed.”

“ even in times you struggled to show up for yourself “ please stop giving people the opportunity to disrespect y’all over and over again the audacity.”

One final commentator said, “He prob wrote this in his car too,” taking a jab at Jaxn’s early YouTube and Instagram videos, which were filmed mostly in his vehicle.

Da’Naia and Jaxn’s marriage ended just before what would have been their fifth wedding anniversary. Since announcing their divorce in December, Da’Naia has detailed her journey on Instagram with various posts dedicated to her healing process. She often shares Bible verses and positive messages, including her lengthy testimony about leaning more into her faith.

“When the man you love & have kids with destroys your soul with reckless decision-making, you must CHOOSE be alone with God,” wrote the 32-year-old in her caption.

Fans say the devout Christian has had a major glow-up in her appearance and fashion choices since splitting from Jaxn. Around March 2021, Da’Naia became part of a viral meme after appearing in a video with Jaxn, where he publicly came clean about his infidelities after initially stating that he didn’t cheat on her.

“Some of it is true, some of it is completely false, but the truth is, I’m saying it here now, is that Derrick Jaxn was involved with other women outside the marriage,” he explained in an eight-minute video. “And by involved, I want to be clear I’m not talking about just casually kicking it, maybe having lunch or something like that.”

Jaxn wore a cranberry colored sweater, while Da’Naia wore a black bonnet on her head with no makeup while holding his hand. 

In the clip, she explained that she left when she found out her husband had cheated on her and didn’t return until “I saw a shift and a change in his mentality.” At the time, she said, she “forgave him, and most importantly, God has forgiven him, and I have forgiven the others as well.”

Just before the YouTuber announced that he and Jackson were getting a divorce, blogger Taska K. posted a pic of him with a model at Art Basel Week in Miami. The pic was enough to get fans riled up to encourage Da’Naia to finally leave Jaxn and take off “the helmet of salvation.” It’s still unclear of their divorce has been finalized.

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