Estranged Wife of Disgraced Relationship Guru Derrick Jaxn Drops It Low In Skin-Tight Dress While Calling Out the ‘Corrupt Church’

It looks like Derrick Jaxn’s estranged wife, Da’Naia Jackson, has traded in her helmet of salvation for a sexy orange dress and kitten heels as she sent a message to the “corrupt church.” 

On Tuesday, Dec. 12, Jackson shared a cryptic message on her Instagram page while rocking the tantalizing ensemble. As the video began, the legend “The Corrupt Church” appeared across the screen.

Derrick Jaxn's estranged wife, Da'Naia Jackson, drops it low in a new video while calling out the "corrupt church" in an orange skin-tight dress.
Derrick Jaxn’s estranged wife, Da’Naia Jackson, drops it low in a new video while calling out the “corrupt church” in an orange skin-tight dress. (Photos: @derrickjaxn/Instagram; @duh_nay_uh_jackson/Instagram;

“Because you allow Jezabel” appeared next along with a quick clip that showed Jackson facing a wall while bending down. The video clip then switched to her standing up while “Who calls herself a ‘prophetess’” came on the screen. 

As it resumed, Jackson can be seen dancing seductively while squatting down with her butt poked out as “To teach and seduce My servants, to commit sexual immorality” found its way across the screen. 

Jackson’s video continued to quote Revelation 2:18-29 as she used her white walls and laminate floors as props.

“In order to understand why MODESTY is necessary, it requires an examination of the attitudes and intentions of the heart,” Jackson began in her caption. “But how do we examine our attitudes and intentions of the heart?” 

She then went on to quote Hebrews 4:12 and 1 Timothy 2:9-10, informing her followers about the insignificance of looks and the importance of one’s attitude. 

“When it comes to how we think about we dress and being ‘sexy’ we should ask ourselves, does what I have on please God,” Jackson asked in her lengthy caption. 

She continued, “How can I be sure if it pleases God? Where can I go in the Bible that will let me know if what I am wearing is pleasing to God?” 

Jaxn’s ex-wife’s post was obtained by @its_onsite via Instagram, where several of their commenters appeared to be confused on what her post truly meant.

One person wrote, “I’m so lost as to how this post has to do with God. Someone help me,” while another user penned, “People need to stop using GOD in the foolishness.” 

A few others brought up Jaxn, suggesting that his past infidelity seemingly has sent his ex into a downward spiral. One user shared, “He did a number on my girl.” 

Jaxn and Jackson tied the knot in 2018 after meeting at Tuskegee University. Their union appeared to fall apart in 2022 due to cheating allegations leveled against the self-proclaimed relationship guru.

The Alabama native previously addressed his infidelity in an eight-minute YouTube video with Jackson sitting right by his side.

During the video, Jackson wore a floppy black hat that quickly became the butt of many jokes. In an attempt to defend his then-wife, Jaxn described the headwear as a “helmet of salvation,” and fans are still making jokes.

One year later, Jaxn revealed that he filed for divorce from his wife just days before Christmas. His divorce announcement came after gossip blogger Tasha K leaked a photo of him and a female model attending Art Basel Week in Miami together. 

Since their split, Jackson has documented her journey toward healing while also remaining ten toes down in her Christian faith. The former couple share two children. It’s unclear whether their divorce has been finalized.

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