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‘Glad She Took That Helmet of Salvation Off’: Derrick Jaxn’s Ex-Wife Removes the ‘Bonnet’ In New Photos, Fans Say She’s Tapping Into Her Inner ‘Hot Girl’ After Separating from the Relationship Guru

Nearly five months ago, the self-proclaimed relationship coach Derrick Jaxn announced that he was filing for divorce from his wife, Da’Naia Jackson. Though their separation appeared to be heartbreaking for Jackson, many fans believe this was her blessing in disguise.

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Fans say Da’Naia Jackson glowed up since splitting from her husband Derrick Jaxn. (Photo: @derrickjaxn/instagram)

Following the couple’s split, Jackson has become a trending topic on social media. New images of her recently hit the internet thanks to a Twitter user who shared an image of her smiling while taking a mirror selfie.

“Look at Derrick Jaxn’s ex-wife now that she is free. My Gawdt,” they wrote.  

In the photo, Jackson is seen wearing a sleeveless orange top tucked into her jeans, orange glasses, a blue hat, and a blue bag to match. 

The devout Christian’s stylish outfit may have come as a shock to viewers who’ve previously witnessed the loose-fitting, covered-up fashion ensembles she wore while married to Jaxn. 

The tweet was obtained by The Neighborhood Talk and reposted on Instagram. It didn’t take long for commenters to flock to their page, stating whether they agree or disagree with the post’s implied message. 

“Y’all be forgetting she was a hot girl before she married him. She is just finding her way back”

“Glad she took that helmet of salvation off”

“lmao she look the same. Tacky lmao” 

“She still looks and dresses like a Jehovah witness to me but one thing she always been beautiful with him or not”

The photo of Jackson was originally shared on her Instagram page back in March with the caption “It’s a Vibe….Holy Girl Swag.” Since her split from Jaxn was revealed, she seemingly has attempted to up her game in the wardrobe department.

While they were together, she faced years of criticism over Jaxn’s statements about men, women, and love via social media. 

As Christmas slowly approached last year, the YouTuber informed the public that he and Jackson were getting a divorce. The news came after blogger Taska K. posted a photo of him with a model at Art Basel Week in Miami. The pic spread quickly across the internet after the initial post. 

Nearly two years before that, Jaxn admitted to stepping out on his wife in a viral YouTube video uploaded back in March 2021. During his explanation, Jackson was seen wearing a black bonnet on her head with no makeup on as she held her husband’s hand. 

Their clip quickly received backlash from fans who managed to turn Jackson’s bare look into a popular meme. In a follow-up video defending his wife, Jaxn described her bonnet as “the helmet of salvation.” 

Prior to their separation, the couple created two children together, but their names and ages have not been revealed. It is currently unclear if the divorce has been finalized.

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