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‘I Hate His Stinking Guts’: Derrick Jaxn’s Estranged Wife Da’Naia Jackson Seemingly Suggests She’s Moving on After Idolizing Her Husband Who Cheated Several Times During Their Marriage

It’s been three months since internet relationship guru Derrick Jaxn announced he was filing for divorce from his wife Da’Naia Jackson. The former couple share two children and have dealt with their share of public ridicule and criticism.

Jackson said since the separation she has been leaning more toward her faith in a lengthy testimony on Instagram. On Tuesday, March 7, the 32-year-old shared a video of herself with the gospel song “Speak To Me” by Koryn Hawthorne playing in the background.

Da’Naia Jackson. @duh_nay_uh_jackson/Instagram

She explained in the caption how heartbroken she was after the public criticism and dismantling of her family.

“When the man you love & have kids with destroys your soul with reckless decision-making, you must CHOOSE be alone with God,” she began.

Various Bible verses were written over Jackson’s video, which features clips of her reading her Bible on the couch, praying, and smashing a picture of her and Jaxn while screaming. In others, she can be seen crying and writing a letter that read, “Dear Holy Spirit, I hate his stinking guts.”

There’s also a clip of her to-do list, which includes her kids, ministry, business, friends/family, and entertainment.

“When you are suffering so much that each next breath seems excruciating, & you don’t know how you can live without that man while at the same time being angry with that man because he has crushed your spirit due to his unconscious [eggplant].”

The spiritual believer went on to suggest that she idolized Jaxn, which she views as a disservice to God.

“If you have heard, ‘God hates divorce,’ & using that for strength to ‘work it out’ with a man who continuously ‘choose,” Jackson said. “You have made an idol of that man, you are people-pleasing, & you’re out of order in the sight of God. Married or not. And this requires repentance & renunciation.”

She added, “One thing God ‘hates’ more than divorce is a woman with a destroyed soul idolizing a man who does not have the power to destroy her soul and body in hell fire (Matt 10:28).”

After enduring the “trauma of betrayal,” Jackson expressed that she’s “mastered The Art of Healing God’s Way.”

“My secret to surviving public mockery, scrutiny, scandal, betrayal, and dishonor is surrendering to the Lord. Are you ready to go through the process of becoming whole again? ( not a rhetorical ? )” she concluded.

Jackson has put up with a lot in her marriage to Derrick Jaxn, who once gave out unsolicited advice about men, women, and love on social media. She’s gone through years of criticism over her husband’s statements and judgment from those who didn’t know he was married for years.

“I’m happy she’s finally coming against him and his ways and not us. I pray she finds peace.”

“I will not laugh at another Black woman pain. I pray she’s able find healing.”

“Happy for her… heal and move on! Karma will come to his door step girl.”

Ten days before Christmas, Jaxn announced the couple’s divorce after a photo of him and a model at Art Basel Week in Miami circulated online from popular blogger Tasha K. In the since-deleted announcement, Jaxn said the separation was mutual, noting that he and Jackson had separated sometime in early 2022 “after much prayer, counseling, and deep consideration.”

He said, “Making the decision to file was one of the hardest decisions of my life, but I’ve found peace knowing that our mission of raising healthy children, starting with healthy and whole parents, is still being accomplished.”

Their divorce announcement came weeks ago Jackson publicly defended their marriage against trolls on social media, as previously reported.

Jaxn has previously admitted to stepping out on his marriage in a viral video from March 2021. Fans grabbed a screenshot from the video, which shows Jackson wearing a black bonnet or hat on her head with no makeup, and turned it into a viral meme.  

“You see a bonnet, I see the helmet of salvation. You see an army green shirt I see the breastplate of righteousness,” he said in a follow-up video.  

It’s unclear if the divorce has been finalized, but, hopefully, both parties are taking care of themselves for the sake of their children.

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