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‘I Was Separated’: Relationship Mentor and Author Derrick Jaxn Responds to Cheating Allegations After Facing Backlash from Fans

Highly respected social media relationship mentor Derrick Jaxn is speaking out following allegations that he had an affair with another woman while still married to his wife, Da’Naia Broadus. 

Earlier this month, a woman named Candice De Medeiros sat down with blogger Tasha K, where she claimed that she had an affair with the social media influencer. She also claimed that Jaxn flew her down to Miami, Florida, for a weekend getaway in July 2020 for his birthday.

Derrick Jaxn. Photo: @derrickjaxn / instagram

Shortly afterward, news spread like wildfire, and Jaxn faced backlash from fans who called him out for building a brand on positive relationships while he allegedly stepped out on his. Many fans took to Twitter to express their disappointment.

The YouTuber ultimately uploaded a nearly 30-minute video where he addressed those allegations. The best-selling author, who has 1.3 million Instagram followers, revealed that he and his wife had unofficially separated around early February 2020, a fact he said many did not know.  

“February 1 is the official, mutual. I said, ‘look, I don’t think that this is going to work, separation. We had some challenges before that. February 4, I gave my life to Christ. I said, ‘God, I can’t handle this. I need you to come in and help me out,’ he explained. “That was February 4, the exact same day Da’Naia, my wife, packed up the kids and left the crib and went 1,500 miles away to her mom’s crib.” 

Jaxn said that despite discussions and counseling, they were unable to restore their marriage. “June, we talking about my birthday. She basically lets me know there’s no plan for her to be around on my birthday, OK. Now I’m in screw-it mode, F-it mode. I’m hitting up old chicks. I really don’t care at this point. I don’t’ care about my reputation. I don’t care about the business. I don’t care about any of that,” he continued. 

Touching on the subject of the affair, Jaxn claimed that he and Candice “had a sexual relationship without actually having sex.” He said after inviting her and several of her friends out to celebrate his birthday with him, Candice took photos of his feet and of him walking around the mansion that he rented for the duration of their stay in Miami— something he didn’t find out until later on.

Later in the video, he explained that in an effort to get his life on track, he eliminated things that didn’t align with his views, including Candice, and, without much warning, he blocked her from communicating with him. Jaxn and Broadus continued to work on their marriage and even sought out godly counsel and subsequently removed “outsiders” from their union. 

“I never slept with her. Our relationship was sexual in nature from day one. I’ve been acquainted with her nine or ten years or something like that. It was like through Twitter, but I did not sleep with her,” Jaxn maintained. “I didn’t sleep with her or anyone for that matter because … I gotta get deep. I’m not able to perform when I’m super stressed. I didn’t have confidence that I could do something in that capacity. That’s why I hit her up instead of someone that I had actually with. I hit her up because we’ve always been able to do that — just keep in contact, just talk, just flirt and keep at that.”

Jaxn took accountability, stating that he was not a victim, although Candice did secretly take pictures of him and eventually exposed him. Instead, he said he was in a moment that he no longer cared to “do things God’s way.”

Check out the full video below.  

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