‘Look How Them Tables Always Turn’: Sherri Shepherd Reportedly Fires Wendy Williams’ Longtime Executive Producers, Claims the ‘Sherri’ Show Needs ‘Fresh Energy’

Fans say Sherri Shepherd is cleaning house after reports her show axed the last two remaining producers from “The Wendy Williams Show.”

Shepherd took over as host of Wendy Williams‘ long-running talk show, which was named the “Sherri Show” last fall. The comedian’s lifelong dream to become a host came at a time when Williams was struggling most in her career and her personal life.

Sherri Shepherd Reportedly Set to Replace Wendy Williams Permanently as Host on 'The Wendy Williams Show'
Sherri Shepherd (left) has nearly completed the removal of all vestiges of predecessor Wendy Williams (right) from the “Sherri Show.” (Photos: David Livingston/Getty Images, Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images)

Sources told Page Six that this is the last full week for executive producers David Perler and Suzanne Bass ahead of season 2 of “Sherri.”

According to a new report, Perler only stayed on to “help get through the hump of launching a new show.” Bass would provide laughs and occasional commentary during the popular segments on “Sherri.” The outlet was told she was more of a “sidekick and buffer,” similar to her participation during Wendy’s “Hot Topics” segment “for a decade.”

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However, Shepherd reportedly wants some “fresh energy” going into her second season as an Emmy-nominated daytime talk show. When she launched in Sept. 2022, she hired her friend TV commentator Jawn Murray as the show’s executive producer.

Debmar-Mercury is the production company behind both “The Wendy Wiliams Show” and “Sherri.” A spokesperson told the outlet, “We will announce a new executive producer for the second season to serve alongside [Murray].”


There was behind the scenes drama brewing after Shepherd made her debut as a daytime talk show host. Her presence made some of Williams’ former crew members believe they may be axed next, including Bass and Norman Baker, who still works with the “Sherri” show.

Fans on Twitter had mixed emotions about the news. Some blamed the producers for

“Look at this. Y’all pushed Wendy out and now she’s pushing y’all out. Look how them tables always turn.

“Sherri is Wendy Williams 2.0! She always wants some tea!”

“That show will never be the same without Wendy.”

“suzanne was still there? her coworker relationship with wendy was funny”

“Fresh huh…”

The past few years have not been easy for Williams, who has endured financial hardships among health issues. First, it was her divorce from Kevin Hunter, who welcomed a child with another woman during their 22-year marriage. The former couple, who share 22-year-old Kelvin Hunter Jr., finalized their divorce in January 2020.

Due to her absence, a rotation of guest hosts on “The Wendy Williams Show,” including Shepherd, was brought in to take her place. However, the show was canceled indefinitely in June 2022, and Williams received less than a farewell after she was not invited to participate in the grand finale episode.

Williams hosted the show for 13 seasons but is now making attempts to become a podcast host. In August, the 58-year-old talk show vet began promoting her podcast title, “The Wendy Experience.” Her manager, Will Selby, who introduced her to the podcast game, would serve as executive producer. There have been rumors of its cancellation, but nothing has been confirmed.

Fans became suspicious last month after multiple outlets reported that the former radio personality was preparing to sell the iconic big chair she did her show from and move to the West Coast. Since then, the rumor mill about Williams has been pretty mum for weeks.

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