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‘There’s No Real Place for Them Now’: Sherri Shepherd’s Talk Show Reportedly Is Experiencing Behind-The-Scenes Drama After Former Wendy Williams Staffers are Seen Less on Set 

Sherri Shepherd’s daytime television talk show “Sherri” is here, and there’s already reported drama brewing behind the scenes with some of Wendy Williams’ former employees. The veteran comedian served as guest host on Williams’ show, “The Wendy Williams Show,” after the longtime presenter stepped away due to complications from severe health issues. The show was eventually canceled after 13 seasons. 

According to an unidentified source who spoke to Cinema Blend, many of Williams’ former crew members now believe they may be axed next. Per the individual: “Staffers for Sherri have been in her ear saying there should be some sort of loyalty test from The Wendy Williams Show holdovers. Norman [Baker] and Suzanne [Bass] want to believe they’ll stick around but sooner or later, I’m sure they are going to get pushed out. There’s no real place for them now.”

Baker and Bass, who worked on “The Wendy Williams Show” as supervising and co-executive producers, respectively, were familiar faces on the show. The two often were seen on camera interacting with Williams during popular segments, like during the opening moments or Hot Topics. However, since Shepherd’s show aired, the pair has been noticeably absent, only further fueling the talk of concern regarding staff.

Shepherd made her debut as a daytime talk show host on Monday, Sept. 12. The 55-year-old formally welcomed viewers to the “Sherri” show during her opening monologue.

“And in case you don’t know, I am Sherri Shepherd,” she continued. “I am a comedian; I am an actress, I’m an Emmy-winning former co-host of The View… I’m also a mother, a girlfriend, and I’m also the girl next door who just happens to be living her dream because I’m hosting my own talk show!”

Episode one was a star-studded event with “The Real Housewives” of Atlanta star Kandi Burruss and comedian Kym Whitley as Shepherd’s first guests. Ninety-seven-year-old internet sensation Lorene Harmon later joined the actress. 

Before the show’s airing, Shepherd revealed her plans to move away from the show’s more gossip-heavy topics as seen in prior segments like “Hot Topics.” “I’m not trying to be mean to anybody because my outlook of life is definitely through the lens of love,” she said. “That’s unique to me.”


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