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‘Ime Seeing Nia Long Get Her Lick Back and Knowing He Can’t Do Anything About It’: Fans Bring Up Nia Long’s Ex After She Was Spotted In Dubai with Terrance J Following Rumors About Dating Omarion

Nia Long has been acting up all month since revealing her split from ex-fiancé Ime Udoka in December. Fans have noticed that she’s taking the breakup really well and living her best life instead of moping over an ex who cheated with his co-worker.

First, Long went viral for her carpet appearance at the Netflix premiere of “You People,” in which the 52-year-old stars as Fatima. After stopping briefly for a few photo ops and holding hands with Omarion, fans suspected she was dating the former B2K singer. Long responded by telling the world she was “single AF,” but fans are now linking her to another handsome actor named Terrance J.

Nia Long
Nia Long poses while in Dubai. (Photo: @iamnialong/Instagram.)

A viral video of both actors in Dubai in a $650,000 vehicle has many assuming Ime is somewhere crying his eyes out. Long and the “Think Like A Man” star were spotted getting into a $650,000 purple McLaren 720S.

“I see you, Nia. What we doing?” said Terrance in a video while following her to the car, where she replied, ‘This is what we do,” before getting in the passenger’s seat.

Another woman joined in before walking to the driver’s side, saying, “Black excellence baby.”

The sexy, sleek purple automobile has fully exposed carbon fiber and 3D-printed performance parts, according to Hypebeast. The customized McLaren 720S also costs more than the base stock model McLaren, which begins at $299,999.

As the clip of Long and Terrance J made its way around the internet, fans began bringing up her ex, knowing she was moving on with her life.

“Ime seeing Nia Long get her lick back and knowing he can’t do anything about it,” tweeted one person who attached a photo of Shannon Sharpe following a courtside altercation with Memphis Grizzlies players at a Lakers game on Jan. 20.

Another individual said, “Likely will never get it back though, what he did was international news embarrassment.”

One individual suspected she was still laughing through the pain of parting with her youngest son’s father, writing, “Nia long out here with Omarion & Terrance j she fighting thru the hurt.”

Black Twitter went in on Ime Udoka, who involved Long in one of the biggest public scandals of her life. They reportedly got engaged in 2015, after being together for more than a decade, and share an 11-year-old son, Kez Sunday Udoka.

In September 2022, the formerly engaged couple went through public scrutiny due to the Boston Celtics head coach engaging in a romantic relationship with the team’s service manager. The “Best Man” star had just moved to Boston, and various public figures advised her to look past Udoka’s infidelity and the public humiliation she endured.

But ultimately, the decision was Long’s, who chose herself and moved back to Los Angeles, where she shares a new home with Kez and her oldest son, 22-year-old Massai. The “Love Jones” star said no one reached out from the Celtics organization to see if she and her son were ok. But she found solace in supporting messages from her dedicated fans on social media.

“And then what I found was this tribe of women and men who were standing up for me in a way that felt like I was in this bubble of protection, and that was very comforting,” she told The Hollywood Reporter last December.

The “Fatal Affair” explained at the time that she was shifting her focus to pouring into her work, creating a new routine, and embracing the woman she’s become.

“I have to commit myself to that because I think sometimes when so much is happening, it takes your breath away and then it’s like you’re holding you’re breath, and you feel this angst and this panic of constantly being in fight-or-flight survival mode,” Long stated. “I think mothers, Black women, we understand that more than anyone.”

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