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Reports: Boston Celtics Coach Ime Udoka Cheated on Nia Long with Team’s Travel Agent Who Helped Long Relocate to Boston Before Affair Was Discovered By Agent’s Husband

The identity of the female staff member that Boston Celtics head coach Ime Udoka reportedly cheated on Nia Long with has been partially revealed. 

This comes days after the 45-year-old made headlines for facing a year-long suspension for violating the organization’s code of conduct. 

On Sept. 24, according to TMZ, Udoka, who was ultimately suspended for the 2022-2023 season following the scandal, was allegedly having an affair with the team’s travel agent. Despite the female staff member’s job description being released to the public, no additional information has been revealed. 

Multiple sources close to the couple and the Boston Celtics franchise claimed that the agent had helped Udoka “make all of his travel arrangements,” including organizing trips for Long to travel to Boston and road games. 

To make matters worse, the employee also assisted in helping Long and her 10-year-old son Kez Udoka permanently move to Boston a few weeks ago. Although the agent’s name hasn’t been publicly released, the news outlet reports that Long has been told who the woman is. 

One day following the previous reports, “Entertainment Tonight” host Kevin Frazier revealed on Twitter that Udoka’s alleged affair with the female staff member was “uncovered” after her husband overheard a conversation on their doorbell camera. 

He said, “Multiple sources confirm, #Celtics female staffer’s affair w/ Celtics Coach #ImeUdoka was uncovered by her husband when he overheard a private conversation on a home doorbell camera.”

As the tweet circulated online, many expressed how messy things are getting as more updates regarding Udoka’s scandal are being released.

“This getting messier by the day.” 

“This story keeps getting more worse.”

“Why does this story keep getting worse? Sheesh!”

“Aww lawd. This is getting messy.”

Among the previous remarks, one social media user sent well-wishes to actress Nia Long.

They wrote, “The scars, the questions, the betrayal! Much peace to Nia Long. People will say they love you and leave you devastated.”

Long and Udoka have been together since 2010.

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