‘She Wanted the Lifestyle’: Rick Ross Ex Admits Child Support Battle Is Putting a Strain on Her Relationship with Her Kids

Rick Ross’ ex and mother of three of his children, Brianna Camille, is coming out with a new reality TV series.

The trailer for the show “Getting Back to Bri” just dropped on Oct. 21 and it’s giving viewers a peek at the drama that will unfold between the “Aston Martin Music” rapper and Camille. It also shows an emotional Camille opening up about her possible battle with postpartum depression.

(L-R): Brianna Camille and Rick Ross (Photo: @ therealbrianacamille/Instagram) (Photo: @richforever/Instagram)

In one part of the trailer, an emotional Camille tells a group of friends “I just went through so much in my pregnancy.” While she doesn’t go into detail, the video then cuts to her getting her makeup done and venting to the makeup artist about her children.

She says, “Maybe I could have possibly been going through postpartum with Billion. I really don’t want to be bothered with my kids right now. Like, I don’t know. I should be wanting to bond with the baby, but it’s like, I just really can’t. Camille gave birth to their newest child, Bliss, last year in September which was months after Rick Ross and Camille had already broken up.

Just last month, the parents finally agreed on an amount for Rick Ross to pay in child support. According to TMZ, the rapper will pay $11,000 a month for their three children. Some viewers who watched the trailer had a few comments about the children and the child support.

“With his lifestyle that’s nothing. If you had the lifestyle he did you would probably pay more. Private school and protection alone because WHO HE IS he should pay. Not to her but to the school and security. Anyone can take them kids from ransom. They have to live in a certain area BECAUSE who he is. She should still carry her weight because because of who he is. I would want the best for my seeds.”

“She didn’t want the kids in the first she wanted the lifestyle.”

“Black Men whether they make $20/hr or a Million a month they just can’t seem to pull it together when it comes to black women and fatherhood this sad before she ever even pushed the baby should’ve been on the insurance now she got two of them,” someone else wrote.

Another suggested a different option for Camille, “Girl take some of that money you get per month and get health insurance.”

“Getting Back to Bri” is being aired by FOX Soul and the For Us By Us Network and will premiere this November.

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