‘She Gone Have to Make Another One Cuz Catalog Deep’: Vivica Fox Takes Fans Down Memory Lane with #ResumeChallenge

Vivica A. Fox is keeping up with the latest trend on social media known as the #resumechallenge. It was inspired by celebrities highlighting their most famous movie roles to the 2008 track “That’s Not My Name” from British-pop duo The Ting Tings.

After witnessing Halle Berry, Kerry Washington and others do the same, Fox created her own video reel to revisit some of the memorable characters she’s played in films to include “Juwanna Mann,” “Independence Day,” “Kill Bill,” as well as FOX-TV’s “Empire” series.

In her 2018 memoir, “Every Day I’m Hustling,” celebrated actress, producer and television host Vivica A. Fox shared behind-the-scenes tales about some of her biggest movie roles. (Photo: @ms.vfox/Instagram)

“BOOM! Challenge met! I’m soo BLESSED to have played so many challenging & different characters in my career! Stay tuned for more,” wrote the 57-year-old in her caption on Instagram. “Thanks to my gurl #Sidney for the video!”

Fox’s video began with a clip from her role as Frankie in the ’90s classic film, “Set It Off,” followed by her iconic role as Elizabeth “Mickey” Waters in “Why Do Fools Fall In Love.” Both films are available on Netflix.

Fox’s reel also featured clips from her role in “Kingdom Come” as Lucille and “Booty Call” as Lysterine — spelled with a “y” and not an “i.” It’s also hard to forget her hilarious performance alongside Tisha Campbell and Damon Wayans on “My Wife and Kids.”

Other fan favorites include her role as Maxine in “Soul Food” and as Shante Smith in “Two Can Play That Game.”

Vivica A. Fox played career-driven Shante Smith in the romantic comedy “Two Can Play That Game” opposite Morris Chestnut. (Photo: @ms.vfox/Instagram)

Fans in the comments had a ball giving Fox her acting flowers for her decades’-long career.

“Go Shante, go, Shante,” said one individual of Fox’s role in “Two Can Play That Game,” while her longtime acting friend Wendy Raquel Robinson wrote, “Shantaaeee.

Many brought up Fox’s other roles such as Constance in “Motives,” Tamara Barclay in “The Hard Corps,” and her role in the television series “Matlock.” Dozens more called her everything from “living legend” to “class act” to “iconic” for showcasing such diversity in her acting portfolio.

One person said, “It’s always about Vernita and Frankie for me,” while another said, “Vivica [is] phenomenal.”

Columbus Short, who starred alongside Fox in “True To The Game,” chimed in to say, “Your name is QUEEN V! Period.”

Fox’s #resumechallenge was also shared on The Shade Room’s Instagram page, where one fan wrote, “She gone have to make another one cuz a catalog deep.”

Another added, “It’s so commendable how she has had so many memorable roles and has thrived within her career. I’m proud of her.”

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