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‘That Ain’t Shii to Him:’ Debate Erupts Online After Rick Ross Agrees to Pay $11,000 In Child Support to the Mother of His Three Children

Rick Ross agreed to pay the mother of his three children Briana Camille $11,000 in child support.

The former couple, which split last year, shares a daughter, Berkeley Roberts, 4, and two sons Billion Roberts, 2, and 1-year-old Bliss Roberts.

Rick Ross agrees to pay the mother of his three children Briana Camille $11,000 a month in child support as well as additional payments. Photo:@richforever @therealbrianacamille/Instagram

This arrangement came after an ongoing child support battle between the pair. According to official documents obtained by TMZ, Ross is also set to pay their children’s health insurance as well as any extracurricular expenses, which totals about $7,560.

In addition to the original payments, the rapper also decided to take on his ex’s legal fees and pay her attorney $25,000. Despite all of the money that Ross has to essentially cash out, it will barely affect him financially because it is being reported that his monthly income is about $585,000, while Camille reportedly makes $142.

As the news began circulating on social media, reactions to Ross and Camille’s child support case were split. Some felt that the “Hustlin” emcee got off very easily, while others expressed how Camille should have gotten more funds.

“That’s fair. I’m sure he’s done more than that…Children are entitled to financial responsibility from both parents. Good job to Rick Ross on seeming to take the higher road.”

“Fair for 3kids & he paid for her attorney… 😩”

“Rick Ross got off super easy compared to what all them other celebrities be having to pay. That’s a win for him.”

“He should be ashamed of himself. That’s all he’s willing to give to support his 3 children. Compared to the money he’s making. She should of hired a better attorney.”

“That seems very low for 3 kids.”

“Y’all must have forgot that child support is to help aid the mother. Y’all must not know the cost of daycare alone if you think this is enough smh, especially When he’s a millionaire.”

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