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‘Steevie About to Do It Like It’s Hiss Beeday with Faith Money’: Fans React to News That Stevie J Filed for Spousal Support from Faith Evans

Despite Stevie J’s recent apology to his wife Faith Evans for their recorded and leaked argument, and Evans claiming Stevie was “cool” in an interview, it looks like the couple’s rocky marriage is still on its way out.

In recent legal documents obtained by The Blast last week, Stevie J, who is also known as a record producer, is seeking to receive spousal support from Evans. He detailed that he would like it to be a monthly fee, but wants the judge to deny Evans when it comes to any spousal support from him.

Stevie J.
Faith Evans and Stevie J @hitmansteviej_1/Instagram

Several people reacted to the headline about Stevie J’s request for spousal support in the comments. “Steebie about to do it like it’s his Beeday with Faith money,” said one joking fan who was referring to the viral “Live Your Best Life” song of his ex-girlfriend, Joseline Hernandez.

Some fans also believed that Stevie J was getting what he deserved after publicly cheating on his past lovers. “He met his match he finally met a woman who ain’t gonna take a shit who won’t cheat back It actually feels good to see him heartbroken now he know how to feel.”

Even his “Love and Hip Hop” co-star Tammy Rivera added her opinion to the situation. “That’s some trifling shit,” she wrote.

Three years ago, some fans of the R&B couple were shocked to learn that the two had tied the knot after two years of dating. Many did not agree with their union because of their history. Evans and the “Love and Hip Hop” star had been friends for over two decades, with Stevie J having produced songs for Evans and for her late husband, The Notorious B.I.G.

Evans and Stevie J continued to be friends for over two decades and despite the disapproval from many fans, they decided to give their love a try.

While Stevie J seems to be the main one taking active steps to end their marriage, and Evans being mostly mum about what’s going on between the two of them, there have been reports of one domestic case and several infidelity accusations.

After being asked about the status of their relationship since Stevie J filed for divorce, Evans told TMZ on Dec. 2, “Stevie’s cool, he’s in the kitchen right now waiting for me to finish. But I stopped discussing my personal life in the public back in the [1990s]… But he’s fine and I’m okay so it is what it is.”

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