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‘That Baby Look Grown’: Keyshia Ka’oir Shocks Fans After She Posts Rare Video with Her Daughter In Celebration of Her 16th Birthday

Keyshia Ka’oir surprised fans on Nov. 29 when the entrepreneur shared a rare video with her daughter Dior.

Ka’oir, who is reportedly a mother of four children, including infant son Ice Davis with rapper Gucci Mane, uploaded two different clips of her daughter in honor of Dior’s 16th birthday.

Keyshia Ka’Oir stuns fans after she shares a rare video with her 16-year-old daughter Dior. (Photo: @keyshiakaoir/Instagram)

In the first clip, Ka’oir is seen jamming in the car with her teenage daughter when she asks Dior, “Hey, birthday girl, what you got to say, girl?” Dior then gleefully responded, “It’s my birthday, big 16.”

As the recording transitioned to the second video, the duo is hanging out at what appears to be a mall. Ka’oir says while hugging Dior, says “we are the Dior sisters.” When the clips of Ka’oir and her daughter went viral, many mentioned that Dior looked older than 16.

“16? These kids this generation different lol.”

“At my 16 i looked like I was 11. These 16 year olds hit different nowadays.”

“Whyyyy do 16 years olds look 25?!?!?”

“That baby look grown pretty as hell tho.”

“She’s beautiful but I don’t like that she don’t look 16… Why do these little girls look so damn grown now.”

In addition to the “grown” remarks, other people brought up how much they admired Ka’oir for keeping her other children out of the limelight despite how she handled things in the past. One wrote, “She said she had kids but she don’t want them in tv world & social media being they are in school & want them have a normal life.”

Another said “It was never anything wrong with her wanting to protect her kids from the public… it’s just how she went about it ….but I don’t doubt she was never a good mom her daughter looks happy and healthy.”

An Instagram user claimed that Ka’oir isn’t required to show her children to the world. They stated, “The fact that anyone of you think she’s obligated to tell or show her children is beyond me. Some people like to keep their babies safe. And it ain’t none of y’all business.”

In 2017 during an interview with The Breakfast Club, Ka’oir — who is of Jamaican descent — dismissed the rumor that she left her three children back in Jamaica to be with Gucci. She said, “Gucci and I both have children. It’s a situation where I’m proud to be a mother, but I need it to be private. I don’t need the kids in the limelight. I don’t want them on social media. I need them to go to school and just be children.”

Ka’oir added, “It’s never a situation where they’re left with my mom. They all live with us. And we have a blended family, and we have fun, and they’re spoiled, and they’re happy.”

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