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‘There Was a Whole Situation’: Halle Berry Reminisces on Iconic Looks, Including James Bond’s ‘Die Another Day’ Bikini

Actress and director Halle Berry shared her experiences with some of her most iconic looks. Specifically, she went into detail about the orange bikini with the white belt that she wore in 2002’s James Bond movie, “Die Another Day.”

Berry reviewed some of her best looks, starting from her prom dress in 1986 that she wore for Miss Ohio, Miss Teen America, and then Miss World, wearing the same dress all the way up to what she wore for the the 93rd-Annual Academy Awards. She even opened up about her trademark short hair. “The first audition I had since I cut my hair, I got that job. And that was my first job on television…so, it worked,“ she said.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK – NOVEMBER 19: Halle Berry attends the “Bruised” New York Screening at Roxy Hotel on November 19, 2021 in New York City. (Photo by Johnny Nunez/WireImage)

When looking at a photo of herself in the orange bikini from “Die Another Day,” Berry started to chuckle, “Oh my gosh, the iconic James Bond bathing suit. We tried on so many bathing suits, so many bikinis and so many belts.” Berry went on, “This looks effortless but there was a whole situation getting this little bathing suit right in choosing the color and the right fit. And we had a knowing that it would maybe, because it was in a Bond movie, end up being an iconic situation or something that would live a very, very long time.”

Halle Berry reflects on her iconic swimsuit from James Bond’s film “Die Another Day.” Photo: Vogue/ YouTube

She opened up more about wearing the suit and what it was like filming in it. “The biggest acting challenge I had was to make it look like the water was warm and I was having a grand old time, when I was freezing my butt off,” Berry said. 

She thought that it was a great opportunity, especially with her character being, “this [sic] sort of a bad-ass Bond girl. She was on par with Bond.” This sort of set her character apart from the “Bond women” of other movies. “She was very much his partner and that was really exciting for me to be, if I was going to be a Bond girl, I was grateful that I got to be one like that,” Berry said. 

Although Berry described a very uncomfortable acting situation with the bikini, she tends to wear many bikinis in real life. Just last summer, in 2020, she rocked an orange bikini again, and posted a photo of herself in it on Instagram. In fact, she has quite a few Instagram posts in a bikini.

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