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‘I’m Not Dumb Like You Think I Am’: YK Osiris Hits Back at Chad Johnson Quipping He Purchased Knockoff Jewelry Similar to Rapper’s $325K Diamond Earrings

YK Osiris could probably stand to care less about people eyeing his spending habits, especially as it pertains to frugal former NFL star Chad “Ocho Cinco” Johnson.

The “Worth It” rapper unleashed a flood of commentary on social media when his reported purchase of a pair of diamond earrings with a a price tag of $325,000 made its rounds on social media. The pricey “ice” even caught the attention of Johnson, who shared on social, “I got the same earrings for $10 from Claire’s.”

Yk Osiris (L) and Chad Johnson (R). Photo: @ochocinco, @ykosiris/Instagram

“How can you tell me how to spend my money” asked Osiris in his initial response to the former wide receiver simply saying he’d saved thousands of dollars by purchasing similar, but costume-worthy earrings that achieved the same aesthetic — minus the glimmer and hefty price. 

He continued, “That’s insane, that’s crazy to me! If Ocho Coco wanna go to Claire’s and spend $10 on earrings man I congratulate you. You should do that, that’s your money. But you don’t go in no other man’s business and tell no other man how to spend no money.”

While Johnson never offered any advice on how and what Osiris should spend his money on, the rapper made it clear the simple comment of purchasing similar earrings from jewelry retailer Claire’s struck a serious nerve with him. Johnson has been notoriously known for his money-saving ways, which has long included wearing attractive but fake jewelry at times. He has even declared, “I’m the cheapest f—r in the world literally,” when speaking on his spending habits. 

But as far as Osiris is concerned, his decision to flex with luxury jewelry is not the business of Johnson’s, or anyone else’s for that matter. In a follow-up response on Instagram Live, he made that very message clear. “To any kids out there that’s watching this, to any folks out there that’s looking up to me, I don’t advise you to ever pay that type of money for any type of jewelry, ever,” he said.

Speaking again directly to Johnson, whom he continued to call Ocho Coco, he added, “Mind your business. Stay in your business. You can hit my DM you ain’t gotta do all that cappin for Instagram, man. Hit my DM man. But I do appreciate  you and I took your advice a little bit. One thing about Osiris I’m not dumb like you think I am. I’m very smart. Remember that…And I’m still rich.”

Across social media, spectators of the one-sided exchange wrote, “Why he took it so personal. You can tell it hurt his soul [laughing emoji].” Others wrote, “Imagine being this bothered,” and “Youngin he was just sharing advice. MC Hammer ain’t taught y’all nothing [laughing emoji’.”

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