‘Stop Touching, Fixing, Injecting’: Serena Williams Urged By Fans to ‘Love Yourself’ After Undergoing Procedure on Her Belly

Despite being one of the greatest athletes to ever live, Serena Williams is proving to be just like millions of other women grappling with post-pregnancy body image concerns.

The tennis icon and married mother of two daughters — 6-year-old Olympia and 10-month-old Adira — has been candid about her worries regarding weight gain and seems to be struggling with her mid-section not being as tight as it once was when she was on the court.

serena williams gets procedure on her stomach
Fans encourage Serena Williams after she shares video of her getting a procedure. (Photo: Serenawilliams/Instagram).

As a way to address belly fat, Williams has opted for a radio-frequency (RF) skin-tightening treatment. One of her friends put her on to the non-invasive procedure and she now swears by it as a way for her to have mommy time.

However, after posting a behind the scenes video of her getting the technique done on Instagram, fans have a mix of reactions.

Williams wrote a long caption to explain how she’s been feeling lately, writing, “Being ok to take time for myself is something I have always struggled with.”

“I finally started being ok to take an hour (during nap time) away from my kids and work to do something for myself,” she continued. “I always feel guilty leaving them but I have to also remember taking care of myself, will only help me take better care of them.”

During her last trip to Paris, Williams said she was treated to a spa day by a friend who understood her post-pregnancy insecurities. After trying the RF treatments, she said she has since seen the results.

“I can see progress with my skin going back to normal and my confidence coming back. Listen my body will never be the same but neither will I cause I have 2 amazing lights in my life,” she shared with her 17.2 million fans.

She added, “I will always love my birthing scars but I just wanted to say thanks to my friend Mia and Nat for letting me know it’s ok to take time for myself away from work and kids.”

While some support her choice, others are imploring the superstar to embrace her new body and celebrate her “mommy curves” and natural beauty that comes with motherhood.

“You see and feel the flaws but you still flawless to many,” one person said. Another individual said, “No need to be self-conscious of your mummy tummy! All us moms have them! I wear mine with pride!!!”

A third comment said, “I like this Serena however STOP ]touching, fixing, injecting’ your face.” A fourth person added, “No one cares about what your stomach looks like they care about how are you going as a mom.”

This is not the first time that fans have had an issue with some of the alleged work done on the Compton native’s face.

Some have suggested, based on Williams’ recent appearances, that she may have either had work done or had her skin lightened. Others who noticed the change in her looks believe it might be the cause of bad makeup or a bad makeup artist.

While on the red carpet for the world premiere of her docuseries “In the Arena: Serena Williams” as part of the Tribeca Film Festival on June 13, someone on her social media suggested that she “fire” her stylist altogether for her looks.

Another fan jumped in the comments and said, “I agree, but it’s not just the dress. It’s the hair, the makeup, the lips etc…, I’ve always Serena was beautiful until she started messing with her face. Not cute at all.”

One of the last times Williams was in Paris was also earlier this month when paparazzi caught her getting in a car with her husband, Alexis Ohanian, looking disheveled.

Fans immediately addressed her outfit, hair, and how differently she looks, writing, “Poor thing…who ever worked on her face should get sued…they did a really bad job.”

Serena does not seem to have an issue with her looks, only sharing that she wants to lose weight. The 42-year-old has playfully shared with her followers her journey to get back into a designer denim skirt that in her mind will be a marker for her getting back to her old size.

The tummy-tightening procedure that has prompted some fans to beseech her to love herself the way she is is the first step.

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