‘I’m Divorcing, Jasiel’: Yung Joc Drops Bombshell About Marriage to Wife Kendra Robinson After Being Accused of Being ‘Cuddled Up’ with Another Woman In Viral Video

Rapper and reality star Jasiel “Yung Joc” Robinson is filming the upcoming season of “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta,” and, like always, the media has jumped into his storyline by posting headlines suggesting he might be cheating on his wife once again.

Known for his 2006 hit “It’s Goin’ Down,” Joc has been married for 2 1/2 years to Atlanta attorney Kendra Robinson. The pair tied the knot on the show in November 2021. But their marriage has been plagued by rumors ever since, often portraying Joc as unfaithful. Despite some hiccups, both he and Kendra have told the world that they are a solid unit.

Yung Joc and wife Kendra Robinson divorcing
Yung Joc’s wife Kendra Robinson says “I’m divorcing Jasiel” following viral video of him with another woman. (Photo by Marcus Ingram/Getty Images)

Recent developments might change that. A viral video has caused suspicions to flare up again, forcing the Atlanta emcee to address the issue directly and fight for his marriage.

The latest controversy was ignited by the celebrity gossip site Gossip in the City, which posted a video showing Joc talking to an unidentified woman in a white dress. The short clip depicts him standing close to her and seemingly touching her, which quickly went viral.

Some social media users online expressed the same sentiment, writing, “It looked like she was cussing him out” or that the two were having an argument. One person said, “I know I’m blind but ummm it just look like they talking. Look how his hands position.”

Another said, “Ole girl is standing WAY too close to be explaining something! He should have asked her to step back 2 paces since she didn’t have common sense enough to do it herself.”

Some even believed the woman looked like Kendra from behind. But Joc confirmed it wasn’t her when the issue was brought up on his syndicated radio show “Yung Joc & The Streetz Morning Takeover Show.”

On the June 20 episode, he explained that he learned about the video’s spread from his co-host Mz. Shyneka, who told him his name was all over the internet on Wednesday night.

Joc admitted he hadn’t seen the video initially and had to check the site to understand the accusations. He vehemently denied claims that he was holding hands and cuddling with the woman. He was so unnerved by the video he said, “I couldn’t even sleep last night.”

The post arrived days after Kendra shared a touching Father’s Day tribute to her husband, writing, “Happy Father’s Day baby @joclive we love and appreciate you for all you do for our family.”

As he and his colleague aimed to dismiss the post, Shyneka pointed out that the site misspelled Joc’s name in the original post and that others believe the clip does look suspicious, he doesn’t seem to be all over the woman in a romantic way.

The former Bad Boy South recording artist expressed frustration about the rumors, stating “I’m dealing with this at home in real life right now.”

“I woke my wife up and said, ‘Hey, let me [talk to you] before you wake up in the morning and see any of this,’” Joc shared with his listeners.

When Shyneka said, “That was player,” he interjected and said, “No, that was real. That was the thing you are supposed to do.”

Still, despite being upset about the clip, Joc defended himself by stressing that the video that caused such uproar was misleading, saying, “It may have looked like our hands touched.” He maintains that if people are looking with a unbiased lens they will see that the footage shows nothing incriminating.

“If you look at this video, am I cuddled up? That’s not cuddled up,” the reality star said.

Joc mentioned that he was actually confronting the woman and trying to smooth things out following an incident involving her, another person and Tamar Braxton.

The father of nine pointed out that the people who are just tuning in and commenting for entertainment don’t realize that this could easily escalate to the point where his wife considers divorce.

This video also arrives less than a month from when the bonus mom took to social media to celebrate Joc’s second daughter’s 21st birthday.

This comes years after Kendra appeared to shame him for having nine children by five different women.

“If Kendra don’t get some thicker skin,” a comment read, adding, “You stayed with the man, be happy and keep it pushing. She always screaming and crying fussing about something.”

At one point during the interview, Shyneka noted that Joc had ignored Kendra’s call while on air, but if she received a call she would answer.

Joc then reveals he got a text from his wife, who saw the video, and sent him a text blasting him to her mother and promising that this time will be different.

“I’m divorcing Jasiel, mom. A blog has accused him of cheating on me so I’m done,” texted Kendra, according to Joc. “That’s what I’m dealing with in real life.”

Joc reiterated that the video does not show him behaving inappropriately. He called for fairness in reporting and suggested that if anyone carefully examined the footage, they would see he did nothing wrong.

When filming “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta,” the 43-year-old noted, cameras are also everywhere catching more than what is seen in the video. He was then asked if he suspected that someone from the show might have leaked the misleading video, but he was not certain.

He spoke carefully about blaming people that he has worked with since 2014, saying, “I don’t know if somebody was just being messy trying to do that but it’s an issue because it’s like you can’t do nothing.”

While he would not comment, fans were quick to finger the producers for causing the mayhem within his household. One said, “Those reality show producers are MESSY and will break up a happy home for ratings. I’ve said that many times. I bet it was one of those young and dumb producers who filmed this and then posted it. I hope @joclive finds out who posted it and whooped their [peach emoji].”

Regardless, the self-proclaimed former “womanizer” felt the need to address the situation publicly due to the potential damage to his personal life.

Infidelity is also a subject he broached in his April interview on “The Culture Club Uncensored” with host Osei the Dark Secret. In his interview, he detailed how challenging it is for male celebrities and the attention that they get can often can lead to trouble.

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