‘She Not Leaving Anyway’: Yung Joc’s Attempt to Prove His Marriage to Kendra Robinson Is Stable Backfires Amid Cheating Allegations

Atlanta reality star Yung Joc is going overboard to prove that everything is not what it seems in his marriage after a video of him seemingly “cuddled up” with another woman was leaked and went viral.

Days after claiming his wife Kendra Robinson threatened to divorce him and then she popped out on social media in a monokini, the “It’s Goin’ Down” rapper posted a video showing him and his missus boo’ed up.

Yung Joc, Kendra Robinson
Yung Joc defends jhis marriage to wife Kendra Robinson amid cheating allegations. (Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images)

The video seems to be shot in a kitchen with Joc at the table. Kendra is wearing the same bathing suit she was seen wearing a few days ago on her social media, when she posted about spending time with her “home team” on a beach while still rocking her wedding ring.

While no audio is included on Joc’s post, fans can see Kendra loving up on her man as she holds his hand and he guides her to put her arm around his neck.

“Yung Joc & Kendra get into fight while bystanders do absolutely nothing,” was written over the clip.

However, Joc addresses what he sees as cap, writing alongside the footage, “So I muted the audio…. That way you can’t hear what’s really going on…. Also added a caption to manipulate what you think you’re seeing.”

He continued, “Let’s put both videos side by side and tell me I’m wrong.. This what cuddling and holding hands looks like…. maybe I’m dumb or sumn.”

Many of his 1.4 million followers chimed in, believing that he’s doing too much to convince the public eye that everything is going great at home.

“Why do you keep explaining to us?? You don’t need to convince us, you need to CONVINCE YOUR WIFE!!” one person wrote, as another said, “Chile keep us out of it she not leaving anyway.”

One person claimed that even if the couple is on the rocks, their love will bring them back to each other.

“Every knows Kendra gonna flip off and get mad and will be right back hugged up with you and back together cause yall love eachother,” the fan wrote. “Skip these blogs!”

But the blogs keep coming. Gossip of the City, the platform that first dropped the video of Joc and the mystery woman, reposted Joc’s latest video. They had their own caption, “Looks like all is good. Yung Joc addresses video we posted of him and another woman.”

Their fans also weighed in.

“It doesn’t look like they are holding hands BUT REGARDLESS… ITS INAPPROPRIATE BEHAVIOR FOR A MARRIED MAN‼️ Their body language is ‘saying’ a lot,” a fan commented.

Someone else wrote, “He trying to prove to us he not cheating on his wife is the first problem.”

Joc and Kendra have been married for three years, but, according to what the public sees, they spend more time defending their relationship than enjoying their marriage.

Infidelity has become a recurring theme in their storyline on “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta,” where former lovers like Karlie Redd and Meda have popped up to cause friction in their union.

Despite these persistent challenges, Joc and Kendra keeps pushing on. Find out how they deal with the most recent challenges in their marriage in season 12 of “LHHATL,” which premieres on July 23 on MTV.

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