‘This Conversation Needed to be Had But in Private’: Fans Say Kendra Robinson ‘Shamed’ Yung Joc for Having So ‘Many Children,’ Rapper Reacts

Season 11 of “Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta” wrapped last week, but Yung Joc and his wife, Kendra Robinson, are still battling issues in their relationship. Before getting married in 2021, the pair were wrapped in a never-ending cycle of drama. Most stemmed from Joc’s past infidelities, and some was created through rumors from his ex, Karlie Redd and others. And just when fans thought things were getting on track, Kendra revealed that Joc fathered a child with another woman when they took a break in 2019.

Yung Joc and Kendra Robinson of “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” share a heated exchange during a recent interview. @attorneykendra_robinson/Instagram

During a recent interview SUAVV Magazine, the couple went back and forth about his past, noting that Joc has eight other kids with four other women. “Everybody done cheated,” said the host of the Streetz Morning Takeover radio show.

Joc’s known kids are Amoni Robinson, Ja’Kori Robinson, Amir Robinson, and Chase Robinson, twins Cadence (boy), Camora (girl), and twin girls Eden, and Allon.

In response, Kendra called out her husband for attempting to “normalize” his behavior. “Everybody ain’t did what you done did,” said the 34-year-old attorney. “Your life is not normal. It ain’t no model that I want Amir to follow, Amoni to follow, Cadence to follow.”

“And I don’t think their mothers would either,” she added.

A confused Joc asked his wife to further elaborate on what she meant and how she sees him as her husband. Kendra clarified, “I would not want them to have as many children and I would not want them to have all these different situations. That’s not something I would want for them.”

Joc and Kendra’s appearance was filmed before part one of the “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta Reunion” aired last Monday, Nov. 14. Earlier in the conversation, Kendra revealed she considered annulling their marriage due to the allegations and Joc’s “mess.” She explained that being a good provider and protector does not give Joc or any man the right to be “a liar, a cheater, and a womanizer.”

“I just don’t want to appear weak and look like I’m being lied to and manipulated by somebody who’s supposed to be my husband, my rock, my protector,” she shared. “It boils down to just that.”

The “It’s Goin’ Down” artist became visibly upset with Kendra’s choice of words about his behavior and his past mistakes. But as many have said, she knew what she signed up for.

“Listen what I’m saying is when you talk about me, don’t sum me up on the worst side of me or what you consider the worst side of me. ’Cause ain’t nobody f-cking perfect, so don’t do that,” Joc declared.

The 42-year-old admitted he wants more for his children than he had for himself. But Kendra saying she didn’t want his sons to be like him is the equivalent to him saying he wouldn’t want his daughters to be like her. “Which I would never do,” he said.

“So when you talk about me and address me please be mindful of that because I love you for who you are, good and bad,” added Joc.

After watching the 16-minute interview, fans expressed their opinion about the Robinson’s marriage in the comments. A few sided with Kendra for calling out Joc’s flaws. Meanwhile, others condemned her for shading the man she willingly chose to marry. Here’s what a few had to say.

“Kendra made this a counseling session more than a interview. I feel like this conversation needed to be had but in private.”

“Woah. I forgot to breathe watching this lol! I hear both of their perspectives, but I believe it’s possible to hold someone accountable without condemning/shaming them. I believe Joc handled this very public moment as well as he could’ve.”

“Her mouth will get her divorced. How she spoke to him was disrespectful. There’s a time and place to address how you feel and television isn’t it. If she’s struggling with his lifestyle she needs to deal with that behind the scenes. She was aware of who he was and what he came with before she married him. Seems like she took on something that was too big for her to handle. Now she’s airing out her frustrations, but it’s a little too late for that.”

“Their marriage is clearly under a lot of stress, hoping in the near future they can both find peace and happiness, however that may look for them.”

“Wow may God heal their marriage.”

Find out what drama unfolds in part two of the “Love & Hip Hip: Atlanta Reunion,” which airs Monday at 8 p.m. ET on VH1.

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