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‘It Was a Little Rough’: Kendra Robinson and Yung Joc Discuss Their Future As Husband and Wife, Co-Parenting, and Raising a Blended Family on Reality TV

Jasiel ‘Yung Joc’ Robinson and Kendra Robinson endured some challenging moments on season 11 of “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.” The hit series wrapped in early November, followed by an intense reunion episode that aired just before Thanksgiving. 

Joc is a well-known rapper, radio host, and entrepreneur from Atlanta, and Kendra is a South Carolina transplant who maintains success as an attorney practicing criminal and real estate law.

The Robinsons wed in front of family and friends on Nov. 7, 2021. The couple celebrated their first anniversary last month with a vacation to Minneapolis, Minnesota, and two weeks in Las Vegas. “It was real romantic,” said Kendra, who said she received flowers for days leading up to their anniversary.

Atlanta Black Star spoke with Kendra and Joc about their marriage status, co-parenting his children, and intentionally loving each other. She said their relationship is blissful despite what’s shown in the VH1 series. 

“I kind of believe people when they say the first year is really rough. But I also believe them when they say the first year is really, really great too,” the 34-year-old explained. “Having the television show play out during our first year and having people not really know if we’re married or not, happily married or not, just simply based off of what they saw on the show. So when you consider that part, it was a little rough.”

The reality star said they have been “living their best lives” as husband and wife. She happily documented their nuptial ceremony in the Oct. 5 episode, which featured every moment leading up to the pair walking down the aisle. 

“Now, seeing my wedding, I was very happy, and it just brought back those really good feelings,” Kendra shared. “You know, we got married for real. So it was a good day. It was a lot of preparation leading up to it. So I’m always full of mixed emotions when I watch it back. Not because ‘Oh, stuff is fresh or stuff just happened,’ but it just reminds you like, ‘Oh my goodness, the stuff we do for work.'”

This season, Joc and Kendra’s relationship was challenged by rumors he fathered a child with someone else and other allegations from cast members.

The Robinson family defended their name and conversations about Joc’s past indiscretions at the reunion. Those intense feelings spilled into a viral interview weeks later. Kendra clarified her initial comments, noting her intent was not to offend or condemn her husband for having eight children with other women. 

“Well when I made that statement … I wasn’t able to be as articulate as I should have been to make my point clearer. But all I was speaking of is that I didn’t want our sons to particularly mirror their father when it came to some of the less celebrated things that he’s done or that he’s been through. Or the things that Jasiel has done that didn’t necessarily make his life easier.”

Kendra continued, “I say that with this in mind, we always want our kids to be better than what we are and make better decisions than we did because nobody’s perfect. So I wasn’t saying that to slight my husband or to say, ‘you’re a bad man.’ But just while we were in the discussion, I was, it was getting a little heated.” 

The viral interview took place not long after the reunion, which made it difficult for both parties not to respond so intensely. However, Kendra admitted she “may have taken something Joc said the wrong way.”

“We had just filmed,” she said. “We had just come off of the reunion. It might have been a day or two days after the reunion so all this stuff is still brewin.’ Its the adrenaline you have when you’re in that space.”

Joc agreed that Kendra’s delivery could have been different, but he’s less concerned with how the world views their relationship because he knows his woman. 

“I love the way that Kendra loves me and our children, she’s intentional. She is a strong-willed, intelligent Black woman who loves deeply, and I am honored to have her by my side,” the 42-year-old expressed. “I love how career-driven, and focused she is. Kendra is a real one, and our marriage is solid.” 

He said, “We are in a good place, and despite all that we have gone through, our love is growing stronger every day. We are more intentional in the way we communicate and love one another. Our love and our legacy is bright.”

The Robinsons agreed that treating your partner with intention shows how much you love and support them. Kendra loves Joc’s intense desire for their future, and he loves his evolution since becoming a happily married man. 

“Definitely. I have evolved and continue to evolve. I am happy, settled,” Joc confessed. “I am in a marriage with a woman that I can grow and build with, who compels me to love in a way that I have never loved before. I believe that we — Kendra and I — will make the world a better place with our love.”

Their love helped Kendra form strong bonds with Joc’s sons and daughters, some of whom aspire to work in real estate. They are currently developing their joint real estate company to help others build generational wealth. 

“We just want to give everybody an opportunity to have home ownership, or own land, or property,” said Kendra. “Just things of that nature, because it creates generational wealth, and that is something that will close the racial wealth gap quicker than anything else.”

Joc added, My children are respectful, well-mannered, great kids. They are all creative geniuses in their own right, and I am proud to witness their good character, creativity, and brilliance develop, and I know they will all flourish in anything they set out to do. All of my children are a gift, a true blessing. I am one proud father.”

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