‘I Deserved a Scarf, a Bag, a Sock’: LeToya Luckett Says Watching Destiny’s Child Wear Designer Clothes ‘Hurt’ Following Split from Girl Group

LeToya Luckett recently revealed what hurt her the most after finding out that she had been replaced on Destiny’s Child.

The “Regret” singer joined Destiny’s Child when she was a child herself. The initial quartet, which consisted of her, Beyoncé Knowles, Kelly Rowland, and LaTavia Robinson, was managed by Beyoncé’s father, Mathew Knowles. 

LeToya Luckett reveals why 'hurt' the most after leaving Destiny's Child.
LeToya Luckett reveals what hurt the most after leaving Destiny’s Child. (Photo: @letoyaluckett/Instagram)

Unfortunately for Luckett and Robsinson, their time in the group was cut short despite them quickly becoming a household name right after dropping their self-titled debut album in 1998. Over the years it has been said that favoritism along with unfair pay were the reasons for Luckett and Robsinon’s exit. 

Right after their departure, Michelle Williams and Farrah Franklin were introduced to the group. However, Franklin was soon removed just six months after she joined, transforming the quartet into a very successful trio. 

In a new interview on “The Terrell Show” hosted by Terrell Grice, Luckett expressed that she was “a little hurt” watching her sisters succeed without her, but not because of their music or popularity. 

While talking to Grice, the mother of two noted that seeing Destiny Child’s upgraded fashion sense after she exited the group left a stinging impression on her.

“I’m at the house. Baby, they blowing up,” she said at mark 29:36. “Let me tell you why I was hurt, baby, they had took this picture and they had on Christian Dior from head to toe and I was like, ‘Oh, they got Dior? They can afford Dior? Chile, we was —” Luckett quickly stopped herself before she and Grice burst into laughter. 

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She continued, “I said, ‘They got Dior on? Bags? They got the headscarves, they make Dior headscarves? I want one. Oh I was mad at that picture! I said, ‘Now, that hurt.’ All the rest of this OK, but that? Y’all gonna have on Dior without me?”

Luckett then suggested that after all of her hard work in the group she felt as if she “deserved a scarf.” 

“I deserved a scarf, a bag, a sock,” she stated. 

Although she confessed to being upset at the time, Luckett confirmed that she has no ill feelings towards the ladies and even claimed that they “talked to the lady” to help heal any hurt. 

“Everybody’s fine, we done done our therapy. We talked to the lady and everybody is fine,” she professed. 

A quick clip of Luckett’s reveal was shared on X, where fans seemed to understand why she would be upset. One person tweeted, “Imagine being in a group all ya teenage life wearing house of deron then get kicked out and see everyone in house of Dior.”

House of Deréon was the name of the clothing line co-founded by Bey and her mother, Tina Knowles.

There was another commenter who wrote, “I loved them outfits so Latoya I definitely understand lmfaoo,” followed by another user who suggested, “I’m glad she can laugh about it now.. but her being bitter during that time is extremely valid. in the grand scheme of things, letoya and latavia were done wrong from all parties involved. after all of the work they put in, bitter ain’t even the word honestly.” 

Nearly two months ago, the women of Destiny’s Child caused a commotion after they were all spotted at Beyoncé’s Renaissance World Tour Texas stop. The former group mates, excluding Franklin, were dripped out in their best silver attire as they supported their fellow bandmate from the audience.

In an interview with 97.9’s “The Box,” Luckett grew emotional as she shared how “wonderful” it was to see all of the women be in “the same place at the same time.” 

“This was a moment, an emotional moment for all of us,” she stated. “It was beautiful to see alll the ladies.

While that was the first time all five women were under the same roof at once, fans have spent years begging the ladies to come together for a Destiny’s Child reunion.

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