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‘I Would Literally Have Panic Attacks’: LeToya Luckett Explains Why She Didn’t Want to Go Solo After Leaving Destiny’s Child: ‘I Was Kinda Pushed’

LeToya Luckett recently revealed on the “Tamron Hall” show why she was afraid to go solo following her departure from Destiny’s Child. 

LeToya joined Destiny’s Child, which consisted of group members Beyoncé Knowles-Carter, Kelly Rowland, and LaTavia Roberson, after meeting Beyoncé at St. James Elementary school and landing an audition with the singer’s father, Mathew Knowles. 

I Would Literally Have Panic Attacks': LeToya Luckett Explains Why She Didn't Want to Go Solo After Leaving Destiny's 'I Was Kinda Pushed'
LeToya Luckett revealed that she was scared to go solo after leaving Destiny’s Child. (Photo: @tamronhallshow/YouTube)

The four women in Destiny’s Child became household names after they released their self-titled debut album in 1998. The following year LeToya and LaTavia left the group for various reasons, including pay and management.

In the Nov. 30 episode while promoting her new BET film “A Miracle Before Christmas,” LeToya revealed she joined Destiny’s Child at 12 years old as she recalled her experience in the group.

The 41-year-old said at the 3:50 mark, “I feel also first of all I was super young. We were babies. … I got in Destiny’s Child when I was 12 years old.” Further in the conversation the mother of two shared that despite her reasons that led to her leaving Destiny’s Child, she remains close with her group members.

While mentioning Kelly Rowland, LeToya said, “I feel like we were so young, and we just wanted to live our dreams. Of course the business behind it, blah, blah, blah. But here’s one thing that I love about my journey: God finds a way to bring it full circle.The love is still there. The friendships are still there. It might seemed like I lost a lot at that very moment, but I feel like especially me and Kelly [Rowland] we talk all the time.That’s my girl.”

Towards the end of that segment, LeToya disclosed that she was scared to go solo because she was used to the group dynamic. She said, “I mean, first of all, the only thing I’d known for so long was to be a part of a group and a team player. I would literally have panic attacks just at the thought of being by myself on stage.”

The singer added, “I still struggle with it a little bit. … But I feel like I was kind of pushed into what I was supposed to do regardless of how comfortable I was at the moment with it. Regardless if I was ready or not. I still did it, so I took the leap.”

LeToya’s admission comes months after fans begged for a Destiny’s Child reunion tour when viewing a video of her, Toya Johnson, and many others participating in Beyoncé’s “Cuff It” dance challenge.

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