‘The Man That Me and My Children Know Is Cruel’: Turkey Leg Hut Owner Nakia Price Files for Divorce from ‘Abusive’ Husband Following Years of ‘Manipulation’ and ‘Lies’

Nakia and Lyndell “Lynn” Price, the co-owners of the popular Houston eatery Turkey Leg Hut, are headed for divorce.

The pair have been married for nearly a decade but Nakia confirmed suspicions that they have been experiencing marital turmoil despite years of presenting a happy union on social media.

The Chicago native opened up about their separation on Nov. 6. In an Instagram post, she began by stating that she could no longer hold her silence and unleashed concerning claims about her husband. She said that behind closed doors she had been fighting a war and living in “hell on earth.” Her account has also been scrubbed of any posts featuring her husband except for one dated July 24.

Turkey Leg Hut owner calls out ‘abusive’ husband for ‘manipulation’ and ‘lies’ nearly a decade after opening their business. Photos: Slimms_worldd/Instagram; Lynns_garage/Instagram.

“The abuse, the manipulation, the lies, the deceit, the gaslighting, and narcissism have become unbearable,” read her lengthy post. “The world thinks he’s a man who stands on business, but y’all are sadly mistaken. The man that me and my children know is cruel, abusive emotionally and mentally, and completely void of any emotion.”

The mother of three divulged, “I brought light to his life, while he came into mine to destroy not only me but all who love me. I’m finally closing this chapter, but I know the battle is about to commence, and I’m ready…There are so many more chapters to my story, but this one is officially closed.”

In a 2022 interview with “The Breakfast Club,” Nakia stated she and Lynn met around 2012. Her separation announcement arrives months after filing for divorce back in May, according to the Houston Chronicle. A month later she was reportedly granted a temporary restraining order. Reactions to her bombshell marital revelations were mixed.

“All this cause he was messing with the employees,” read one comment. Another person wrote, “I’ll never forgive you for changing the dress code all because your man couldn’t keep his eyes to himself.” In July 2021, the establishment began prohibiting customers from exposing their undergarments, wearing revealing or house attire, swimwear, or clothing that was baggy and showcased obscene language.

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In an interview for “The Real C Thru TV,” Nakia explained, “It came to a point where you have people coming in wearing just any and everything, and you can visibly see other customers bothered by what these people have on. As a man, he was bothered,” she said while pointing at Lynn. The entrepreneur stated that Lynn was the one who implemented the dress code despite customers speculating that his alleged wandering eye was a factor.

“Everybody in Houston knows he is Dee Bo. He even been sleeping with the waitstaff at the TLH. Chile nothing new,” read a third comment.

Lynn responded to the discourse about his troubled relationship in a Nov. 7 post. “I regret failing to meet her expectations but today, I promise you to do better, to learn, and to make sure to not let this happen again. You are my partner, who deserves to be treated with love and respect, and I failed you,” wrote the Houston native. He asked for prayers as they “make necessary adjustments to our norms.”

The estranged couple has been in business together since 2016 when they first began selling their famous turkey legs at the Houston Rodeo. By 2017, they opened their brick-and-mortar establishment, which has since become a viral hit, attracting long wait lines that sometimes trail down the block of Alameda Road.

Though business has been booming, the Turkey Leg Hut was hit with a $1,288,583.12 lawsuit last December by US Foods. The nationwide food distributor of the restaurant had stopped paying its grocery bills.

In February, they were served a second lawsuit from former business partner and investor Steve Rogers. He alleges that the couple quit making payments towards his $1,547,500 redemption agreement to separate from the restaurant. Rogers said he collected $616,388.88 when payments stopped in November 2022.

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