‘You Can Tell He Been Hurt’: Fans Accuse Jeezy of Throwing ‘Shade’ at Jeannie Mai on New Album About Forgiveness as She Shares Video with Their Daughter

Jeezy’s new double album, “I Might Forgive…But I Don’t Forget,” tackles the rapper’s “trauma, obstacles, and personal growth,” as stated in a press release. This is extremely topical as his pending divorce from his wife Jeannie Mai is still fresh on fans’ minds.

The rapper’s music has evolved over the years in the same way that Jay-Z and Nas’ music has. After gaining notoriety as a trap music pioneer, the 46-year-old has changed his tune to start conversations about his personal struggles.

Fans think Jeezy is sending shots at Jeannie Mai as he continues his rollout for his latest album.
Fans think Jeezy is sending shots at Jeannie Mai as he continues his roll-out for his latest album. (Photos: @jeezy/Instagram, @thejeanniemai/Instagram0

One of his most recent struggles came after he filed for divorce from his ex-wife on Sept. 14. News about their split hung around both parties as they tried to continue on with their lives while still living in the same household with their daughter, Monaco.

Since then, every move that Mai and Jeezy have made has been scrutinized by fans who either want them to work it out or believe they know why they broke up.

Many questioned if Jeezy may discuss their marriage or relationship on the double album. With song titles like “They Don’t Love Me,” “Trust No One,” “Don’t Deserve Me,” and “Don’t Cheat,” fans believed that this was proof of the rumors that Mai had been unfaithful in their relationship.

The project rollout continued as Jeezy recently dropped two lists of people that he “might forgive” this week. One list has his mother, his past, and himself. On the other, he had Shawty Redd, Carbon 15, Blood Raw, [Dread], Ralphie Simms, [Bleu DaVinci], Clem, and Kinky B, all of whom he had beef with at one point.

Noticeably left off were people like his father, Gucci Mane, and Mai. Accompanying each list was an audio track of one of Jeezy’s new songs. Some of the lyrics that could be heard were, “Ungrateful a— n—s these ungrateful a— h—s they gon’ f—k around and sink the Titanic/ They don’t care ‘bout ya dreams, they don’t care ‘bout ya goals man these n—s give a f—k about devotion.”

Fans who saw the list and heard Jeezy’s new music thought he was pouring his heart out on the track, but not everybody agreed if it was for the best.

One fan said, “You can tell he been hurt cause he haven’t went this hard in a hot minute. Talk that talk,” while another person commented, “This kinda toxic or just me? Lol. You ‘might’ forgive? Naw baby. Forgiveness is for YOU, not THEM.”

As always, the comments about Jeezy reached their way to Mai’s page. She shared a couple of Halloween posts of her and Jeezy’s daughter, and while most fans were talking about how cute the 1-year-old was, others talked about the baby’s father.

One commenter said, “Jeannie, you are raising your daughter with appreciation for the regular childhood. I can’t tell you how much I enjoy watching her out there learning all kinds of cool stuff. You go girl! No one can shade you ever not even Jeezy! Stay grounded!”

Jeezy’s double album, “I Might Forgive…But I Don’t Forget,” is out now. It has 29 songs combined, and no listed features.

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